ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
ALF 023-028 11/30/2023 Vendor Procurement for Residential Search Tool Current
ICFIID 013-003 07/17/2013 2013 Legislation: HB 1003 Current
CCRSS 021-018 04/29/2021 Sources to Access Vaccines for Residents Current
NH 021-067 09/03/2021 CR-103E Filed to Extend Emergency Rules Amending or Suspending Some NH Requirements Related to PASRR and Resident Groups Current
ESF 017-005 09/29/2017 Background Check: Interim Fingerprint Check Notification Current
NH 015-024 07/02/2015 Protection of Resident Funds Current
CCRSS 020-013 04/16/2020 Support if the Provider or Administrator Becomes Ill with COVID-19 Current
AFH 024-017 04/23/2024 Resume Stakeholder Engagement to Consider Amending Rules to Implement Substitute House Bill 1218 Current
ICFIID 021-034 07/02/2021 Philips Product Recall, including CPAP, Bilevel Pap, and Mechanical Ventilators Current
AFH 021-066 12/23/2021 Temporary Medicaid Rate Increase Continued Current
ESF 018-008 08/23/2018 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding and Amending Sections to Chapter 388-107 WAC (TB Screening) Current
NH 023-008 03/09/2023 Webinar - Use of EMS 911 Services Training I King County EMS and LTC: Exploring Solutions Together Current
ESF 021-011 02/18/2021 Standing Order for COVID-19 Screening in Certain Congregate Facilities, Homes and Agencies Current
AFH 016-010 06/09/2016 Character, Competence & Suitability for Owner or Designee Current
AFH 022-013 03/21/2022 Resuming On-Site HCS Client Visits Current
ALF 019-011 07/12/2019 CR 103 (Permanent Rules) Filed for Chapter 388-78A WAC (Quality Assurance Committee) Current
AFH 023-024 06/09/2023 Update on RCS Transition to Paperless Work: Use of Email an Fax to Submit Documents to RCS Current
NH 020-050 08/03/2020 CMS Update on RUG-IV and PDPM Codes Current
NH 013-017 09/23/2013 Influenza & Pneumococcal Immunization Reminders Current
ICFIID 020-048 11/18/2020 Reminder to Allow Health Care Provider Visits Current
ALF 017-004 03/23/2017 Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information Current
NH 022-047 08/23/2022 Monkeypox Update from Washington State Department of Health Current
CCRSS 024-004 02/22/2024 Notification to Providers of Important Candida Auris Information Current
AFH 024-020 05/10/2024 Emergency Preparedness Considerations for Wildfire Smoke Current