WSH -- Department of Social Work and Community Services


The Department of Social Work and Community Services supports the hospital’s mission by providing quality psychiatric social work services to patients on every treatment unit at WSH.  This department also provides systems management and linkage to our community partners, such as Behavioral Health Organizations, Home and Community Services, and the Department of Developmental Disabilities.

All psychiatric social workers are master’s level clinicians working to support patients in their treatment by conducting psycho-social assessments, group and individual therapy, treatment planning and interventions, working with a patient’s support systems, and assisting patients in transitioning back to their community with identified placements and mental health supports in place. This department also utilizes the expertise of a Discharge Team comprised of social workers, community nurse specialists, and institutional counselors who are all focused on assisting WSH staff and our Community Partners in overcoming barriers to a patient’s return to the community.

Expected Benefits and Outcomes

Assisting patients in the recovery process by helping to assure current treatment planning includes a whole person picture of a patient’s mental health history, developmental and childhood histories, by maintaining communication with support systems in the community including families, guardians, clergy, etc., and by assisting patients in successfully transitioning to the community.

Treatment and Services Provided

Psychosocial assessments, treatment planning and interventions, group and individual therapy, discharge planning, community linkage, family linkage, legal notification, and maintaining communication with courts regarding treatment status/progress.

Community Partnerships

The Social Work and Community Services Department works closely with local mental health agencies, Behavioral Health Organizations, Home and Community Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Corrections,  and court officials.

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