WSH -- Safety Office

Safety Program:

  • Supports a hospital-wide culture of safety by promoting a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that grow, transmit, and reinforce safety among staff regarding the safety and quality of patient care.
  • Assists the hospital with planning  for emergencies/disasters in the 4 phases of emergency management: 
    1) Preparedness
    2) Mitigation
    3) Response
    4) Recovery
  • Ensures the protection of our patients, staff, community and property through increased readiness, training and guidance.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Safety affects all Patients, Staff, Visitors and Volunteers of WSH.
  • The Office ensures the safety and quality of the patient experience, and the safety of employees.

Current Efforts:

  • Safety and Security Update - Select Committee on Quality Improvement of State Hospitals (6/30/2016)
  • Capital Programs safety and security projects taking into consideration our patient population and making the environment safer for all.
  • Fire and Evacuation Plan Project for Central & South Hall Recovery Centers to ensure they are prepared for fires and disasters in their areas when 100+ patients are in their Recovery Centers.
  • Updating WSH’s Continuity Of Operations Plan to align with our Federal Partners and the rest of Department of Social & Health Services.
  • Closed Point of Dispensing Project to prepare the hospital to dispense medication to WSH’s patients, staff and their families during a medical emergency.

Services Provided:

A pro-active Accident Prevention Program to reduce the number of accident/injuries/illnesses throughout the hospital by providing:

  • A prompt and through accident investigation process to find out why an accident/injury occurred so that future like kind accident/injuries/illnesses can be prevented. 
  • A continuous evaluation of the hospitals accidents/injuries by thoroughly reviewing all accidents/injuries and following up on prevention recommendations to ensure safety for all.
  • Continuous quality assessments of the environment through environment of care rounds, physical risk assessments, and safety rounds to ensure the environment is safe for patients to be and for staff to work in.
  • An ergonomic assessment program to prevent repetitive injuries/illnesses to our employees.
  • A transitional return-to-work program to ensure our skilled staff are back working with our patients as quickly as possible after an injury, making the environment safer for all.

Provides a framework for the hospital to follow during emergencies/disasters through the hospitals Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and Continuity Of Operations Plan to ensure safety of all through:

  • The Hospital’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, (CEMP)
  • The Hospital’s Continuity of Operations Plan  (COOP)
  • Periodic drills to ensure the hospital is ready for disasters.

Community Partnerships:

  • Pierce West Fire
  • City of Lakewood
  • Tacoma and Pierce County Department of Health
  • Pierce County Emergency Management
  • Northwest Healthcare Response Network

Contact Us:

WSH Safety Office
Phone:  253-756-2500
Fax:  253-761-7641

WSH Support Our Safety (S.O.S.) Toll Free Hotline:  1-888-346-8824