WSH -- Quality and Enterprise Solutions Department (QESD)


The Quality and Enterprise Solutions Department supports the hospital’s mission by gathering, analyzing, managing, and distributing the information needed to ensure quality patient care and the maintenance of the hospital’s accreditation and certification.  QESD offices include:  Clinical Performance, which monitors treatment plans to ensure patient needs are addressed; Performance Measurement and Information, which provides data-based information for accreditation and decision-making; and Health Information Management Services, which initiates, monitors, and maintains patient health records and ensures the privacy of health information.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Maintaining hospital accreditation and certification.
  • Ensuring that patient information is where it needs to be when needed and is protected.
  • Providing feedback on treatment planning to foster patient recovery.
  • Supporting fact-based decision-making and monitoring for undesirable trends.


QESD works closely with the state government entity which oversees outpatient treatment services, with our partners at Eastern State Hospital and the Child Study and Treatment Center, and with other state psychiatric facilities in the western region of the United States.

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