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The Nursing Department at WSH is a vital component of the hospital system, structure and operations responsible for the provision of twenty-four hour patient care and management of the therapeutic environment which integrates person-centered health and wellness.

At the hospital we treat vulnerable adult populations with the values that each individual has the ability and potential to recover from Mental Illness.  There are five areas of treatment: Three Psychiatric Treatment and Recovery Centers (PTRC) one Center for Forensic Services (CFS) and a Habilitative Mental Health Program (HMH).

Treatment and Outcomes

Nursing personnel work in collaboration with other disciplines in identifying outcome of treatment, modifying nursing interventions and discharge needs with thought to individualized and specific concerns being included in a plan of care.

There are a variety of treatment modalities in practice at WSH.  Nursing staff’s role is to support engagement in treatment offered, e.g social learning programs, active treatment groups, patient education or working with patients one-to-one until their path to recovery can move them from the inpatient hospital setting to the community.

Services Provided

Nursing focus of care at WSH is based on the nursing theory of the Johnson Behavioral Subsystem Model. This nursing theory is congruent with the provision of nursing care that promotes partnership and recovery in a psychiatric hospital.  It enables the nurse to incorporate principles and concepts of age specific physiological (neurobiological, medical-surgical), psychiatric (mental health, behavioral) and psychosocial nursing to guide daily practice.

The Nursing Department partners with the patients, fellow staff and community members in advocacy for recovery and provides clinical rotation opportunities for local RN students.

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