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Fircrest School – Proposed Master Development Plan
Master Development Plan

Washington state’s vision of transforming lives of people with developmental disabilities includes providing services that support their well-being and independence. The Department of Social and Health Services’ Developmental Disabilities Administration strives to make sure our clients are safe, healthy and getting the support they need to live the lives they want to live.

DSHS has applied for a Master Development Plan, which is a land use permit requirement in the city of Shoreline. Once approved, DSHS could move forward with continued maintenance and redevelopment plans on the 88-acre Fircrest School campus.

Part of the redevelopment plans for Fircrest include a new, 120-bed skilled nursing facility, which was authorized by the Washington State Legislature. The facility would be overseen by DDA and provide critical services for residents at the Residential Habilitation Center.

We are committed to creating safe facilities for our residents and staff, being responsive to the Governor, Legislature and stakeholders and being the best neighbors we can in the Shoreline community.

Fircrest School Draft 20-year Concept Site Plan
Fircrest School Draft 20-year Concept Site Plan

This is a draft of the 20-year concept site plan for Fircrest School in Shoreline. Please note: Building and circulation locations are approximate, and the southwest corner of the property is not included in the master plan. Learn more about the site plan in the presentations below.

Application materials

In October 2022, the Department of Social and Health Services and its consultants filed applications with the city of Shoreline for a Master Development Plan and a Special Use Permit. The MDP is necessary for new construction and expansions to existing uses and structures on the site. The SUP is necessary for the construction of a proposed 48-bed behavioral health facility on the campus. The review of the MDP and SUP applications will occur by city of Shoreline staff. Environmental Review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) is being performed by DSHS. The following links include the latest materials submitted on behalf of this project:

MDP/SUP Review by city of Shoreline*

*Other materials including the certificate of water availability, neighborhood meeting report, notice materials, permit application, survey map and vicinity map can be found on the city of Shoreline’s permit portal.

Comments related to the MDP and SUP can be provided to the City of Shoreline at

Comments related to the MDP and SUP can also be provided to DSHS at

SEPA Environmental Review by DSHS

Comments related to the SEPA Environmental Review can be provided to DSHS at







Our community

Fircrest School provides support to about 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a residential setting. Staff take pride in providing excellent care and service to Fircrest residents.  

Our programs  

Fircrest has two federally certified programs on its campus. Our nursing facility provides specialized  health care and activities to meet an individual’s unique medical needs. Our intermediate care facility provides habilitative services that support and enhance individual skills and strengths.

Fircrest School was established in 1959 within a facility that was a Naval Hospital during World War II.  Learn more.


Latest news

View the Master Development Plan Phase IV, which was finalized with the city of Shoreline in October 2022. (Appendices)

View the State Environmental Policy Act Checklist for the project, which was prepared Sept. 12, 2022.

The Department of Social and Health Services hosted virtual meetings for community members to learn about the early stages of the Master Development Plan on March 8, 2022, and May 4, 2022.

Feedback received during the meetings was reviewed as part of the master plan process.  

Additional comments can be provided to the City of Shoreline.

  • Shoreline City Hall - 3rd Floor
    17500 Midvale Ave N
    Shoreline, WA 98133

Comments on the Master Development Plan can also be provided to

Comments specifically about the State Environmental Policy Act checklist should be emailed to

Questions? Feedback?

Please send any questions or feedback on the Fircrest School Master Development Plan to