Credential Renewal Requirements

Renewal Requirements apply to ALL DSHS credentials (per Washington Administrative Code Section 388-03-160). All DSHS certifications and authorizations expire after four years unless the interpreter/translator submits through LTC Gateway:  

  • 16 general credits, earned any time in the four year cycle; and
  • 4  ethics credits, earned one credit anniversary year of your credential. In the LTC Gateway tracking system, you do not have to submit ethics credits based on calendar year, but rather based on anniversary cycle of your credential. You will be able to access the annual ethics quiz directly on the Gateway platform and the date you take the quiz will be added to your record. Adjustments may be needed to fit your previous earned ethics credits into the new cycle. Contact LTC at and staff will assist with this effort.
  • Signed Code of Conduct - complete this on your LTC Gateway Profile, Renewals tab.
  • Background Check Attestation - complete this on your LTC Gateway Profile, Renewals tab.
  • Notes: After renewal the 4 year cycle will repeat. No extra earned credits are carried over to the next cycle. All renewal requirements apply to all certification types. Renewal requirements are due on the last day of your four-year cycle. Certifications/Authorizations earned prior to 04/06/2015 expired on 4/6/19. 

All renewal requirements must be submitted through the LTC Gateway tracking system. 

  • To look for DSHS approved CE activities, please go to the CE Activity Search page of LTC Gateway. 
  • Changes since July 1, 2020:
    • Providers of in-person activities will issue you a certificate of completion.
    • You must submit your certificate of completion within 6 months after completing a course in order to receive CE credits through the LTC Gateway tracking system.
    • You will receive credits for any given activity only once within the four-year cycle of your certification. 
    • New Interpreter Orientations (both Medical and Social Services) will no longer be eligible for 1 general credit; all general credits have to be earned by taking CE courses approved by DSHS.
  • Activity providers see CE Activity Providers page

Contact LTC: