SSB 5304 Language Access Work Group


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Welcome to the Language Access Work Group


Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Language Access Work Group mandated by Substitute Senate Bill 5304. Please consult this web page for news, resources, documents, and more related to the work group.



The website has been updated to include information from the September 19 meeting, including notes, videos, and chats.

The Draft Options document has also been updated. This document was first presented to participants during the September 19 meeting. On September 20, participants were informed that this working document had been revised. After meeting with state agencies, the document has been modified again. If you previously downloaded the PDF document, please be sure to replace it with the version dated 9/22/2023 in the footer.



Following is a high-level overview of the topics that will be covered in each of the meetings:



July 25         

Welcome and introductions; SSB5304 purpose, scope and goals; small group discussion; homework assignment; next steps          

Aug. 8 

Review assignment and small group discussion

Aug. 22 

Review assignment and small group discussion

Sept. 5 

Review assignment and small group discussion

Sept. 19 

Review assignment and small group discussion

Oct. 3 

Review assignment and small group discussion; review the content for draft report; confirm public comment dates



The following list contains materials you can consult to prepare for engagement with the work group:



Click on the links below to find information pertinent to each meeting. 



To prepare for the sixth and final meeting of the Language Access Work Group, which will be held from 10:30am-12:00pm on Tuesday, October 3, please:

  • Review Table One and Table Two on the Draft Options page and decide which interpretive service certification programs you think work best for Washington State.

  • Be prepared to discuss your recommendations during the October 3 meeting. Following the discussions, we will ask you to take an online poll to rank the options. We will share the top recommendations from the poll in the final report to the legislature.


If you have any questions, please direct them to the Language Access Work Group team at