Language Testing and Certification Program

Latest News

  • Temporary Credential Reinstatement - Expiring soon!
    • Emergency rule, WAC 388-03-160(3) temporarily reinstates all DSHS certifications and authorizations that expire between April 6, 2019 and July 28, 2019. The temporary reinstatement expires on July 29, 2019.
    • This temporary reinstatement does not allow the interpreter or translator to earn missing continuing education credits, or other renewal requirements, which were due upon the original certification/authorization expiration date. Those who have not met renewal requirements will need to re-test but may continue to work using their reinstated credentials through July 29, 2019 at which time their credentials will expire, if a new certification or authorization is not earned.
    • DSHS will not be issuing temporary credential reinstatement letters. To find certificates and authorizations that are temporarily reinstated through July 29, 2019 use these links:  Medical Certified  Medical Authorized  Social Services Certified Social Services Authorized  Translator
    • Interpreters and translators who have renewed their credentials or who have re-tested and become recertified or reauthorized are listed on our Interpreter Search Tool.
  • If your certification or authorization has expired, you must re-test.
  • SCHEDULE A TEST  For test information see: Examination Manual. August schedules opened to all languages in Seattle, Olympia, and Yakima on July 9.We will open September schedules on August 5 at around 10 am for screened (non-certified) languages and on August 8 at 10 am to all languages.
  • 2019 proposed test dates and locations.
  • RCW 74.04.025 limits testing of languages for which fill rates in the prior year are 90% or higher. Fill rate data from 2017 requires no limits on testing at this time.
  • Please help us keep our contact information up to date! Send your current email address along with your credential number(s) to us:
  • Maintaining Your Interpreter/Translator Certificate 

What We Do

We offer certification testing for translators and medical and social services interpreters in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

We offer authorization testing for medical and social services interpreters in all other languages.

We provide bilingual position testing for DSHS employees. Please refer to scheduling guidelines


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