Conference/Seminar/Webinar Sponsors

Training Requirements

This section is for:

  • Sponsors of conferences, webinars or seminars wanting LTC worker Continuing Education hours approved for their event.
  • Submit only topics relevant to the care setting, care needs of residents, long term care worker career development, and target audience at least 45 days in advance of the event.
  • When submitting this form you have the following options:
    • One CE code for the whole event
    • Individual CE codes for each educational course during the event
    • CE codes can be given in 15 minute increments
  • Each event must be approved individually prior to the date of the event.  

Applying for Conference/Webinar/Seminar


Forms Needed

Step 1.  Apply receive Continuing Education approval for conferences/webinars/seminars.

Continuing Education Event Approval Application (DSHS 15-547).

Submit this one form only with collateral information about the event including any flyers or event information outline the content . The business or person sponsoring the event must apply.

Step 2. Send in your form and event information  to the department

All forms must be submitted at the same time for your application to be processed.  Please allow up to 45 days for processing.  with "Conference in the subject line.