ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
NH 020-089 11/18/2020 Reminder to Allow Health Care Provider Visits Current
CCRSS 024-012 04/02/2024 NAC and HCA Credentialing Backlogs Current
CCRSS 021-025 05/14/2021 BYD DE2322 RESPIRATORS Current
ICFIID 022-002 01/10/2022 Updates from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State Department of Health Current
NH 020-006 02/28/2020 QSO-20-11-NH Release of Additional Toolkits to Ensure Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes Current
NH 021-005 01/21/2021 Continued Incentives to Skilled Nursing Facilities that Accept Admission from Acute Care Hospitals Current

See update issued 2/9/21

ICFIID 022-010 04/27/2022 QSO-22-15-NH & NLTC & LSC Update to COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Specific Providers Current
AFH 020-033 07/27/2020 Investigation and Referral Process for Allegations Unrelated to Physical or Sexual Abuse Current
AFH 012-001 01/07/2012 Fingerprint- Based background Check Current
ESF 017-001 03/23/2017 Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information Current
AFH 018-001 01/05/2018 Formal Phase of Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
CCRSS 022-032 12/06/2022 CR-103P (Permanent Rule) Amending WAC 388-101-3130, Certification Evaluation and Adding New Section WAC 388-101-31301, Certification Evaluation Timelines Current
AFH 021-044 08/12/2021 Order Free PPE Through the State of WA Between Now & October 31, 2021 Current
NH 015-006 02/18/2015 RCS Provider Forums Current
CCRSS 021-015 03/29/2021 Updates to the Safe Start for LTC Recommendations & Requirements Current
AFH 022-038 09/13/2022 Up to Date Definition - Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine Current
AFH 013-010 06/13/2013 2013 Legislation: SHB 1629 - Home Care Aide Certification & LTC Worker Continuing Ed Requirements Current
NH 015-031 08/31/2015 CR 103 Filed: Final Amendments to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
ICFIID 020-039 11/13/2020 POSTPONED: RCS Reimplementation of Inspection and Investigation Activities Current


ALF 024-002 01/22/2024 Updates to Department of Health (DOH) COVID-19 Outbreak Definition and Outbreak Reporting Requirements Current
NH 023-021 04/28/2023 State Operations Manual Chapter 5 - Implementation Dates for Revised Guidance Current
ICFIID 021-048 10/11/2021 Safe Start for LTC Plans Updated Current
ALF 019-015 09/13/2019 CR-101 Filed to Propose Adding and Amending Sections to Chapter 388-78A WAC (TB Screening) Current
CCRSS 020-048 12/02/2020 CR 101 Filed to Propose Amending Sections of Chapter 388-101 WAC Current
ESF 020-016 04/30/2020 Minor or Simple Edits to Statements of Deficiencies Current