ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
CCRSS 020-036 11/13/2020 POSTPONED: RCS Reimplementation of Inspection and Investigation Activities Current


AFH 024-005 02/08/2024 Infection Prevention Control and Emergency Preparedness Contacts and Roles Current
ICFIID 018-015 10/10/2018 ICF/IID Licensed as NH – Background Check Citations and Processing Delays Current
AFH 024-018 05/10/2024 Withdrawn and Refiled CR-101 to Propose Amending Sections of Chapter 388-76 WAC- AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements Current
ESF 021-019 03/29/2021 Updates to the Safe Start for LTC Recommendations & Requirements Current
NH 016-027 09/12/2016 Influenza & Pneumococcal Immunization Reminder Current
ICFIID 023-004 03/17/2023 1st Amendment Auditors Visiting State Agencies Current
ICFIID 021-033 07/01/2021 Safe Start for Long-Term Care Plans Updated Current
NH 016-028 09/14/2016 Pre-admission Screening & Resident Review (PASRR) Updates Webinar Current
CCRSS 023-006 03/17/2023 Updated Field Manager Contact Information for Certified Community Residential Services and Support (CCRSS) and Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) Current

Amended March 21, 2023

NH 021-036 07/01/2021 Safe Start for Long-Term Care Plans Updated Current
AFH 014-010 09/08/2014 Common Errors that Contribute to Delays in Processing AFH Applications Current
ICFIID 021-044 09/17/2021 QSO-21-21-ICFIID-Interim Final Rule: COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Requirements for Clients & Staff in ICFs/IID Current
ALF 015-007 04/24/2015 Access to Secured Outdoor Spaces Current
AFH 022-032 07/13/2022 National Core Indicators - Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) Pilot Staff Stability Survey Current
CCRSS 020-048 12/02/2020 CR 101 Filed to Propose Amending Sections of Chapter 388-101 WAC Current
AFH 020-024 05/26/2020 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC, AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements Current

Amended July 1, 2020

AFH 017-005 07/07/2017 Background Check System (BCS) Project Current
NH 019-027 11/22/2019 Change of Ownership Process Change for Medicaid Contracted Facilities Current
AFH 012-001 01/07/2012 Fingerprint- Based background Check Current
CCRSS 020-029 08/13/2020 Eviction Moratorium During COVID-19 Outbreak Current
NH 022-005 01/07/2022 New Testing Program “Operation Expanded Testing” Available Current
ALF 023-023 09/25/2023 Personal Care Services Survey Current
NH 021-014 02/09/2021 Discontinued: Incentives for Skilled Nursing Facilities That Accept Admission from Acute Care Hospitals Current
AFH 016-005 01/27/2016 First Aid Requirements for Licensed Nurses Current