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Residential Care Services (RCS) is a division of the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA).  In addition to regulating facilities licensed and/or certified to provide care to vulnerable adults, RCS also offers an independent review for providers who have been issued citations and/or enforcement actions.  This process is called Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) and was offered to all provider types when it became law in 2002.

Initially the IDR process involved a review by the field manager responsible for supervising the RCS staff person who issued the citation or enforcement.  In 2007 RCS decided to centralize the process hiring two IDR program managers to conduct the reviews.  The division established policies restricting participation of staff who had been involved in making the original decision to issue a citation and/or fine.  This current process has been in place since that time.

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Adult Family Home IDRs

In November of 2019, RCS began a six-month pilot in which a voluntary panel system was recruited to conduct IDRs. The pilot was successful based on evaluation and feedback from participants and stakeholders, resulting in a permanent change in the AFH IDR process. (Refer to Dear Provider Letter AFH# 2020-047)

IDR Program will continue to use the panel process for AFH IDRs, and it will also provide the option for a provider to choose the previous traditional process (meeting one-on-one with an IDR Program Manager).

**Volunteers are required to make the IDR panel a continued success.  The IDR unit is continuing to accept applications for volunteers.  If you are a provider or consumer interested in participating on an AFH IDR Panel, please submit a brief letter of your interest along with a volunteer application (DSHS 15-186).

You can submit documents to: or via fax (360) 725-3225.The IDR unit will be collecting IDR panel application materials on an ongoing basis. If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Rhonda Schultz, Volunteer Coordinator, at (360) 725-2482.


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