AFH Applications


The department has updated the Adult Family Home License Application and Adult Family Home License Resources/Instructions.  Effective April 6, 2020, Adult Family Home applications received with a revision date other than March 2020 (REV. 03/2020) in the bottom left hand corner will be rejected

The Business Analysis & Applications Unit (BAAU) is currently processing license applications received in June 2020If you have questions, please contact BAAU at


Prospective applicants must attend the department-sponsored AFH orientation if they have not had an AFH license within the past 12 months.  If you have already attended orientation but have not obtained an adult family home license within one calendar year of submitting the application to the department you must attend orientation again. Register for orientation (WAC 388-76-10060)

Note:  All application materials are in Word format.  

How Long Does It Take To Become Licensed?

  • Processing of an application for licensure does not begin until the application is considered complete (i.e. all requested items received by the Business Analysis & Applications Unit);
  • Once the application is determined to be complete, the processing timeline begins and could take up to 60 days. 
  • On-site inspection by the Department must occur as part of the licensing process and licensure depends on the results of this inspection.
  • The majority of applicants do not meet minimum licensing requirements on the first inspection, thus requiring a subsequent visit.
  • After each inspection, the Department sends a letter to the applicant clearly outlining which licensing requirements have not been met and the specific issues that led to them not being met.
  • The Department has a maximum of 3 inspection visits; if after the third visit the applicant has still not met all the licensing requirements, the case is reviewed to determine the extent of the non-compliance and if a fourth visit is warranted.