Continuing Education Developers-Documenting CE Completion

To offer CE, you must:

  • Be a DSHS approved training program.
  • Have at least one instructor DSHS has approved to offer CE. This is required even if you will be using DSHS approved online CEs.
  • Only use DSHS approved CEs.

What DSHS requires on a CE Certificate or CE transcript

All LTC workers must receive written documentation that the CE is completed in either a CE training certificate or CE training transcript. The following items must be included:

  • CE title as approved by DSHS.
  • CE course hour(s).
  • DSHS assigned CE approval code.
  • CE completion date.
  • Instructor name and signature.
  • DSHS approved Training Program Name and Number.

A CE training certificate or transcript is not valid unless it includes all of this information. 

Creating CE Certificates or CE transcripts

There are several ways to create the required written documentation for CE completion.

  • Download and use DSHS developed templates.  These templates include all DSHS required information and can be filled out on a computer by the instructor.  Download a:
  • Design and use your own certificate or transcript (as long as it includes all required information as listed above).
  • If you purchase/receive DSHS approved CE training materials from someone else, such as a CE curriculum developer, they may issue training certificates as part of their business arrangement with you.  If one is provided, it has to include all required DSHS information as listed above.  If a certificate is not provided, you must create it or use a CE transcript.

Where to find required information for the certificate or transcript

If you send in your own CE curriculum to DSHS for approval, all required information to fill out a certificate or transcript is included in the DSHS CE approval letter.

If you purchase/receive DSHS approved CE training materials from someone else, such as a DSHS approved CE curriculum developer, you will get the DSHS approved CE course title, approved hours, and DSHS CE approval code from them – not DSHS.  

There are special cases where the training hours from other required LTC worker courses can be applied towards CE.  When this is possible, the original course certificate serves as the required written documentation that the CE is approved by DSHS.  In these cases only, there will be no DSHS CE approval code required.   Learn more about LTC worker courses that can be used as CE.

Instructor Responsibilities

The DSHS approved CE instructor teaching or overseeing a DSHS approved CE is responsible for making sure a certificate or transcript is available and signing it when the worker completes the CE.

CE instructors overseeing online CE must be available to answer any questions the worker may have on the online materials.  Before signing the CE certificate or transcript, the instructor must make sure the LTC worker:

  • Takes the online training in its entirety.
  • Passes the required quiz at 80%.