Continuing Education Developers: Documenting CE Completion

To offer Continuing Education (CE), you must:

  • Be a DSHS-approved training program.
  • Have at least one DSHS-approved instructor. This is required even if you use DSHS-approved online CE courses.
  • Only use DSHS-approved CE courses.

DSHS CE Certificate or CE Transcript requirements

All LTC workers must receive written documentation that the CE is complete in either a DSHS CE training certificate or CE training transcript. The following information is required:

  • CE title, as approved by DSHS.
  • CE course hour(s).
  • DSHS-assigned CE approval code.
  • CE completion date.
  • Instructor name and signature.
  • DSHS approved Training Program Name and Number.

A CE training certificate or transcript is not valid unless it includes all of this information. 

Creating CE Certificates or CE transcripts

The CE curriculum developer is responsible for providing the DSHS-approved CE course title, approved hours, and DSHS CE approval codes for any training they provide. 

There are two ways to create the required written documentation for CE completion:

  • Design and use your own certificate for online-only courses, with all of the required information listed above, or
  • Provide a transcript with all the required information.

Templates are available for CE certificates and transcripts:

Applying DSHS Courses to CE

Training hours from other required LTC worker courses can apply to CE. The original course certificate can serve as the required written documentation of DSHS approval.  This is the only situation where a DSHS CE approval code is not required.

Learn more about LTC worker courses that can be used as CE

Instructor Responsibilities

The DSHS-approved CE instructor teaching or overseeing a DSHS-approved CE course is responsible for making a certificate or transcript available to students. The instructor must sign the certificate when the CE is completed.

For online CE courses, the instructor must be available to answer any questions students have on the online materials. Before an instructor signs the CE certificate student or transcript for an online CE, the student must:

  • Take the online training in its entirety.
  • Pass the required quiz at 80%.