I am a Provider

Are you a medical provider that supports the TBI community? 

Here are some TBI Resources:

TBI - BH ECHO – Connecting Frontline Providers with Experts (uw.edu)

First and Third Fridays of each month from 12 to 1:30 PST.  Connecting frontline providers with specialist to discuss evidence-based treatments and case consultation 

Skill Builder - TBI Skill Builder is a free online workforce development training for providers, facilities staff, homecare staff, social workers, families and anyone working with adults that have a TBI.  

If you are a long-term care professional working in an adult family home, assisted living facility, enhanced services facility and/or in-home care settings, check out CareLearn Washington – a free online training portal to help you access convenient, affordable and quality online training. 

Person-Centered Care and Practices | DSHS (wa.gov) Learn more how Person-centered practices are used as part of an ongoing process to help people for their future. Through person-centered practices, the focus is on the person, their goals, and their vision of what they would like to do in the future.

TBI Specialty Training