TBI Education and Training

Education, training, and information are a key to preventing, and treating TBI.


TBI - BH ECHO – Connecting Frontline Providers with Experts (uw.edu)  ECHO connects service providers and professionals with virtual trainings to support patients, clients, caregivers, and families. Trauma-informed interactive learning with experts in TBI case consultation and care coordination.  Monthly online clinic held 1st and 3rd Fridays 12-1:30 pm. 

Skill Builder - TBI Skill Builder is a free online workforce development training for providers, facilities staff, homecare staff, social workers, families, and anyone working with adults that have a TBI.  Skill Builder is a 4–5-hour course that is completed at your own pace.  Available 24/7.  

The course includes topics on understanding the reason for challenging behaviors, supporting participating in personally meaningful activities, responding to challenging situations and behaviors, and much more. WA State DSHS Approved Clock Hour Provider.  Completion of this course is approved for five (5) clock hours. You can earn a Certificate of Completion by completing all 14 modules and achieving 80% accuracy or above on the quizzes.

TBI Events Portal - Whether it’s webinars or workshops – find upcoming and past opportunities. 

Return to School (RTS) | DSHS (wa.gov) A brain injury can change the way a student behaves, moves, thinks, and learns, and can affect a student’s ability to succeed in school. The more educators know about brain injury the better prepared they will be to support students with brain injury in their classroom.  

(RTS) is a free materials and training specifically for Washington educators, parents, and community providers.  Part of the RTS program resources materials is for in the classroom, upcoming webinars, instructional videos, and the Brain Injury Management Toolkit. 

Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board, Approved Clock Hour Provider. Completion of this course is approved for 10 clock hours. 

CareLearn Washington – A free online training portal to help you access convenient, affordable, and quality online training.  If you are a long-term care professional working in an adult family home, assisted living facility, enhanced services facility and/or in-home care settings, learn more on CareLearn. 


Safe Kids and Parents Washington  Every day, kids get hurt having fun – riding their bikes, playing sports, playing on the playground with friends…… In this series, we explore important practical tips for parents to keep kids safe with training modules and learning resources for parents, caregivers, and youth.  Learn more about Wheeled Sports Concussion Safety, Distracted Driving, and additional resources.

Return to Work Getting back to work after a brain injury can be both exciting and nerve wracking.

TBI Screening Assistance | DSHS (wa.gov)  As a physician, therapist, counselor, case manager, facility manager, or just a family member – knowing if a person has experienced a traumatic brain injury is crucial to how to provide help and guidance. HELPS TBI Screening Tool, can provide some additional assistance. 

Person-Centered Care and Practices  Learn more how Person-centered practices are used as part of an ongoing process to help people for their future. Through person-centered practices, the focus is on the person, their goals, empowerment, and their vision of what they would like to do in the future.