TBI Screening Assistance

As a physician, therapist, counselor, case manager, facility manager, or just a family member – knowing if a person has experienced a traumatic brain injury is crucial to how to provide help and guidance. HELPS TBI Screening Tool, can provide some additional assistance:

HELPS is an acronym for: 

H = Have you ever Hit your Head or been Hit on the Head?
E = Were you ever seen in the Emergency room, hospital, or by a doctor because of a head injury?
L = Did you Lose consciousness? (Not everyone who suffers a TBI loses consciousness)
P = Are you having cognitive or social Problems in your daily life? (List provided on screener)
S = Did you experience a significant Sickness following your head injury?

A HELPS screening is considered positive for a possible TBI when the following three items are identified:

  1. An event that could have caused a brain injury (yes to H, E or S), and
  2. A period of loss of consciousness or altered consciousness after the injury or another indication that the injury was severe (yes to L or E), and
  3. The presence of two or more chronic problems listed under P that were not present before the injury.
  4. If an individual has been considered positive for a possible TBI, then they need to be referred to a medical provider for a diagnostic evaluation.

You can print out a HELPS Screening Questionnaire/Form here. (PDF)

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