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This web page is intended as a resource for residential providers who contract with DDA.  Documents and other materials of interest to residential providers will be posted here.  If you have specific requests, contact the DDA Webmaster or Sharon Cloninger, Community Residential Services Unit Manager, at



Supporting living services are provided to clients in their own homes. Clients in group homes receive the same services as supported living but are in a facility that is licensed as an assisted living facility or adult family home. If you have any questions about rates please contact Ken Callaghan, Developmental Disabilities Rates Section Manager, at (360) 725-3206 or If you have any questions about the Supported Living program please contact Valerie Kindschy, Community Residential Services Program Manager, at (360) 407-1550 or

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Developmental Disability Rates

2019 Cost Report

2020 Cost Report

2020 Cost Reporting requirements related to COVID-19

For agencies 2020 cost report you must include expense and revenue related to COVID-19.

  • All COVID ISS payroll related expenses are reported on Schedule B, Column M, Gross Payroll Other Compensation. COVID ISS payroll related expenses include overtime during the state of emergency, additional staffing needed due to a home with a positive case, higher hourly rate for hazard pay, etc.

  • All COVID related Admin Non-Staff expenses are reported on Schedule C, Line 7, Other Non-ISS Client Related Expenses such as supplies.

  • All COVID revenue dollars (temporary rate increase) are reported on Schedule D, Line 2, Other Operating Revenue.

For additional questions, please contact your cost reimbursement analyst:

  • Region 1-Tod Johnson; or

  • Region 2 and 3- Sam Everett.


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