Assisted Living Facility Applications

WAC 388-78A-2732 (effective 2/15/10) requires liability insurance at the time of licensure.   Please copy proof of liability insurance and submit with your completed application to avoid an incomplete application, which will result in a delay in processing.


The following types of application packets are downloadable, in full, by clicking on the corresponding link. Please note that for each application type, you must also print, complete and submit the 2-page background authorization form, found below under "Related Materials".

Not sure which type of application you need? See application types.


Download the following individual forms or informational handouts by clicking on the corresponding link:

* Applicants who have not lived in Washington State within the past 3 years should contact the Business Analysis & Application Unit at (360) 725-2420 for out-of-state background requirements.  This is to help avoid unnecessary delay in processing your application.

If you are unable to view these documents online or require materials in hard copy format, please contact the Residential Care Services Business and Applications Analysis Unit at (360)725-2420.

If you have difficulty printing these documents, please read the Print Troubleshooting guide.