Complaint Process

DSHS investigates complaints regarding domestic violence intervention treatment programs.

Anyone who feels that a certified program has acted in a way that places victims at risk or has failed to follow standards in WAC 388-60B may submit a written complaint to DSHS.

DSHS may investigate a domestic violence intervention treatment program without a written complaint if DSHS believes the program has placed victims at risk or failed to follow the standards outlined in WAC 388-60B.

Once it receives a complaint about a certified program, DSHS will:

  1. Determine whether the complaint is valid.
  2. Notify the program that DSHS has received a complaint about the program, and that an investigation has been initiated.


The investigation of a complaint may include contact with:

  • The person making the complaint
  • Other persons involved in the complaint
  • The treatment program

DSHS may request written documentation of evidence, or conduct an on-site visit to interview program staff.

Investigation Results

If DSHS determines that a complaint against a domestic violence intervention program is founded, DSHS may do one of the following:

  • Revoke the treatment program's certification
  • Suspend the treatment program's certification
  • Send a written warning to the treatment program

DSHS will mail a copy of the written results of the investigation to the person who made the complaint against the domestic violence intervention treatment program.