TBI Washington State Advisory Council

The Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Strategic Partnership Advisory Council was created from House Bill 2055 approved by the Washington State Legislature in 2007. 

The intent of the statute is to bring together expertise from the public and private sector to address the needs and gaps in services for this community. This was carried out by creating the Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Strategic Partnership Advisory Council (TBI Council).

The council is composed of 25 members from the public and private sector and includes individuals with TBI, medical professionals serving individuals living with TBI, human service providers, family members of individuals with TBI, caregivers serving individuals with TBI and state agency representatives.

RCW - Chapter 74.31


TBI Council Comprehensive Plan

DSHS and the TBI Council recognize that a multi-year strategy is necessary to achieve the long-term vision for improving the experience for persons living with a TBI in WA State. The information presented in the Comprehensive Plan are short-term goals that will build the long-term vision for a system characterized by:

  • Public and private efforts in public awareness and prevention for all age groups;
  • Cultural competence in TBI services and programs, outreach to underserved populations and groups;
  • Effective intervention for children and youth, including a statewide Concussion / TBI Return to Learn program;
  • Employer and employee education programs through Return to Work;
  • Coordination of services across public and private human service systems;
  • Independent living information, transitional supports and supportive program sharing for individuals with TBI and their family members.

RCW 74.31 also created the Traumatic Brain Injury account in the state treasury. Revenue for the account is generated through a five dollar fee collected from traffic violations, and the account is administered by DSHS.  The account is used to fund the activities included in the RCW and the statewide TBI Comprehensive Plan.

TBI Council Comprehensive Plan


TBI Washington State Board Appointments

Serve in an advisory capacity to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Secretary of the Department of Social and Health Services by bringing together expertise from the public and private sector to help address the diverse needs of individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Additional information about Application to a Washington State Board or Commission can be found below:

Boards and Commissions – Apply to Serve On-line Application
Boards and Commissions Handbook