Court Order

If your child support is based on a court order, your modification request must go through the county prosecutor’s office.  In order to request a modification of your court order, you will need to complete some forms. The forms are listed below or you can request the full packet from your Support Officer or pick them up in your local DCS office. DCS will review your case and the current financial circumstances of the parents to determine if the case meets criteria for modification. If so, a prosecutor will be assigned to the case and will guide it through the court system. The prosecutor does not represent either party in the modification and cannot provide you with legal advice. You will need to gather the following information to turn in with your request to change your child support :

  • Your most recent paystubs
  • Tax return documents
  • Any other financial records

Please provide copies as we can’t guarantee originals will be returned to you. Next, please complete pages 2-3 of the Child Support Order Review Request (9-741). Your modification cannot proceed without a signed request.  


Order Review 2nd page image 3rd page image
Child Support Order
Review (9-741)
Check one of these
boxes (9-741)
Sign on this page


The prosecutor’s office will need additional forms once we refer it to them for modification. You must complete the Confidential Information form, the Financial Declaration, and the Child Support Schedule Worksheets. . Here are some important reminders about these forms.

Confidential Information form

Please complete as much of the information as you can. This form is not part of the public record, so your information will be safe. If you have any questions regarding the security of this form you can contact your local DCS office.

Confidential info image 2nd page image
Confidential Information Page 2


Financial Declaration

This form requests information about your household income and expenses.  The prosecutor will use this form in your case. Complete it using the best information you have, and it is alright to use monthly averages It is okay if you do not know the income information for the other parent.   Make sure you sign the last page.

Superior Court form image Income page image Other page image
Superior Court Income Other Information
Expenses page image Signature page image  
Monthly Expenses Sign on this page  


* We will need a separate request for every order you want to modify.


The final form to begin the modification process is to complete the Washington State Child Support Schedule, which is commonly referred to as the “worksheets”.  You only need to complete the column with your information. If you do not know the other party’s information, do not complete those parts of the form.