Transitioning to One Income Withholding Order per Case

The Division of Child Support (DCS) will change the way we issue the Income Withholding for Support (IWO) to employers beginning December 2017. The federal requirements state that one IWO must be issued per case, not per employee/ non-custodial parent (NCP) as we have done in the past. This change makes it easier for employers to track changes in withholding since each case will have its own income withholding order. DCS is working hard to ensure these changes have as little impact as possible on employers and DCS families.

DCS will not be updating all IWOs in place at one time. Instead, multiple IWOs will be phased in over time and will be issued one per case as they are identified in the normal course of business. Most other states already use this process so it may be familiar to employers.

Employers are still encouraged to send one payment regardless of the number of cases and IWOs. The method used to send payments to DCS will not change. DCS will continue to accept payments electronically or by check with electronic payments being the preferred method. Payments will apply to cases the way they always have.

DCS will offer webinars for employers to explain the changes and answer questions. Information about these webinars will be made available on our website. Thank you for your continued support of the child support program.

Thank you for helping children and families

As an employer, you are a key partner in Washington State’s child support program. With your help, over 350,000 children receive child support services. Thank you!  Employers are responsible under state and federal law to report newly hired employees, withhold income, send payments to the Division of Child Support (DCS), and enroll children in health insurance plans.  Your participation is critical to the success of the child support program.  And to assist with these requirements,  the DCS Employer Guide and Frequently Asked Questions section of the DCS website answers many employer questions.  Working together, we can continue to improve the lives of children.


For assistance, employers may contact the Employer Ombudsman within the agency's Community Relations Unit.

  • Send an email to dcs-cru@dshs.wa.gov; or
  • Call the Employer Hotline toll-free at 1-800-591-2760

You can also contact a Support Enforcement Officer at the DCS field office which handles a specific case. If you have received paperwork from DCS, the contact information is listed on each document.