Consumer Directed Employer Webinars


Month Topic
September 2021 Customer Service Experience
August 2021 Highlights of the CDE
July 2021 What Clients & IPs must do now to prepare for the CDE
June 2021 IP readiness assessment #2, FCC broadband benefit
May 2021 IP & Client Transition to the CDE
April 2021 Getting Ready for the CDE sessions, IP readiness assessment, Pilot
March 2021 CDE Back to Basics
February 2021 Getting to Know session results, IP readiness assessment, IP hiring
January 2021
CDE Back to Basics for Jan 2021


Month Topic
December 2020 PPL Electronic Visit Verification
November 2020 CDE implementation timeline
October 2020 Solutions Update, Readiness Update, Readiness Assessment, Getting to Know the CDE, Implementation Timeline
September 2020 Rollout timeframes, CDE webinar topics, Questions and answers
August 2020 What won’t change, What will change, CDE Questions and Answers, Top Asked Questions
July 2020 Revised Rollout schedule, Rollout phases
June 2020 CDE Question & Answer Document, Electronic Visit Verification interim decision
May 2020 Drive in Wi-Fi Resource
April 2020 Update on informational brochure, Consumer Direct of WA virtual information sessions, Communication Strategy
March 2020 COVID 19 and CDE, Informational Brochure
February 2020 Solution Steps, Electronic Visit Verification update, IP Awareness Survey, Creating Awareness of CDE Change, Creating Desire to Support CDE Change
January 2020 Vendor Rollout, Baseline IP Awareness Survey results


Month Topic
December 2019 High level IP baseline readiness assessment results, November question results
November 2019 Signed contract, IP Baseline Readiness Assessment
October 2019 Electronic Visit Verification updates, IP baseline readiness survey, Wellness Education letter to clients with IPs
September 2019 CDE areas, Vendor strengths
August 2019 Electronic Visit Verification new guidance, Client responsibility
July 2019 Business and Occupancy Tax, CDE foundational principles
June 2019 Vendor strengths, Contract negotiations
May 2019 Post procurement processes, Strategic Development Group communication subgroup development, Transition plan on PANs, Electronic Visit Verification
April 2019 Home Care Referral Registry and Carina, CDE communication responsibilities
March 2019 Procurement cancellation, What we’ve heard from you and vendors
February 2019 Readiness assessment results, Suggestions on informing others
January 2019 Request For Proposal requirements & poll questions, IP preparedness


Month Topic
December 2018 Electronic Visit Verification update, Staff listening sessions
November 2018 Organizational Change Management, Public listening sessions themes
October 2018 Organizational Change Management Process, How IPs will interact with CDE, How we’ll help Providers
September 2018 Procurement protocols, Organizational Change Manager, What’s not changing, What’s changing, Readiness 101
August 2018 Tribal engagement, Listening sessions, How will DSHS Select the CDE
July 2018 Tribal engagement, Listening sessions
June 2018 Listening session themes, SDG assignment and recommendation
May 2018 Guiding principles, Electronic Visit Verification, CDE requirement functions
April 2018 Intro, Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) functions and benefits, Electronic Visit Verification, CDE timeline, Engagement strategy, Strategic Development Group