Tribal IV-D and TANF Programs

Tribal IV-D Programs

Tribal IV-A and Tribal IV-D Programs with ACES SEMS Web Data Share Agreements with DSHS

Federal and State Forms (editable) for Tribal Child Support Programs
  1. Tribal Programs and Agreements
  2. Map of Tribal IVD, Tribal TANF and Tribal Foster Care Programs in WA State
  3. OCSS Model Tribal Child Support Enforcement System-(MS PowerPoint)
  4. Comparison of State and Tribal IVD Regulations-(PDF)
  5. Introduction to the Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program-(MS PowerPoint)
  6. OCSS Update Regarding the Federal Tribal Child Support Program-(MS PowerPoint)
  7. Tribal Child Support Enforcement...Why Bother?-(MS PowerPoint)
  8. Tribal Child Support Enforcement: Everything You Wanted to Know...But Were Afraid to Ask-(MS PowerPoint)
  9. Tribal Child Support Enforcement - First Steps Checklist-(MS PowerPoint)
  10. TANF, Child Support and Employment Programs Partnerships-(MS PowerPoint)
  11. Federal Perspective Tribal TANF Programs and Child Support-(MS PowerPoint)
Other Resource Documents
  1. Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Tribal Program Resources-(MS Word)
  2. Tribal Child Support Program Summary-(MS Word)
  3. Tribal TANF Summary-(MS Word)
  4. Program Overviews: Tribal TANF, Child Support, Workforce Development-(MS Word)
  5. Native Employment Works (NEW) Program Summary-(MS Word)