Disability Determination - Step 1

Revised on: February 7, 2020

WAC 388-449-0005 Sequential Evaluation Process Step 1 - How does the department determine if you are performing substantial gainful employment?

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) is an earnings standard that is adjusted periodically by the Social Security Administration (SSA). An individual may be financially eligible for ABD cash but not meet disability requirements if they are earning above the SGA limit. When a (financially eligible) client has earnings over the SGA standard, contact the client to ensure:

  1. The work is not under special conditions, such as a sheltered workshop; or
  2. The work is not occasional or part-time because the client's impairment limits their hours or ability to work.

We exclude the following work related activities when determining SGA:

  1. AmeriCorps
  2. University Year for Action
  3. Retired Senior Volunteer
  4. Foster Grandparent Program
  5. Older American Community Services Programs
  6. Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)
  7. Active Corps of Executives (ACE)