Medical Records-Medical Evidence Fee Schedule

Created on: 
Aug 05 2015

Medical Evidence Fee Schedule

Medical Records

We use the Social Service Payment System (SSPS) to reimburse for medical records.  Please submit claims to the requesting DSHS Community Services Office for processing.


Service Type

Reimbursement Fee

SSPS Reason Code

Medical Records (copies)

$0.30 per page – maximum of 150 pages

Additional charges allowed:

$20 for handling or clerical fee**

Actual cost of sales tax**

Actual cost of postage***



⃰  This section details Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD) program medical evidence reimbursement rates.  For a detailed service descriptions visit the Medical Evidence Reimbursements section of the ESA Social Services Manual.

** Additional charges must be itemized on the bill to be eligible for reimbursement.

*** The cost of postage is eligible for reimbursement only if the Department was unable to provide the vendor with a postage-paid business reply envelope.