Support Services for Minor Parents Not Receiving TANF

Worker Responsibilities 

  1. Authorize support services when the pregnant or parenting minor is not eligible for TANF but is actively working with a social worker to remove the barriers that prevent them from being eligible. See WorkFirst Support Services WAC 388-310-0800.
  2. Use the "TP" code in the e-JAS component screen to authorize support services. This allows support services to be issued for minors who otherwise would not have an active component in e-JAS allowing a payment.
EXAMPLE - A minor applies for TANF and is not living in an appropriate living arrangement but is enrolled in high school equivalency classes and doing well. The minor is denied TANF because of the living arrangement and opened up on a child only grant for her baby. The Social Worker who completed the TLA actively works with the minor to find supervised minor housing that is approved by the department and agrees to authorize support services to pay for the two high school equivalency tests the minor is ready to take.