Created on: 
Nov 09 2015

SSI facilitation of a non-U.S. citizen and naturalization referral. 

Worker Responsibilities 

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  1. Because the rules under which non-United States (non-U.S.) citizens are eligible for Social Security benefits are very complex, refer all persons, including ABD cash and TANF recipients, who are non-U.S. citizens and appear to meet SSA disability or aged criteria directly to the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office before providing SSI facilitation services.
    NOTE: Open the SSI Facilitation screen in ICMS for ABD cash recipients
  2. When SSA accepts an application from the ABD recipient:
    1. Verify with the local SSA office that an SSI application was filed.
    2. Request ABD certification
    3. Verify that a valid DSHS 18-235, Interim Assistance Reimbursement Authorization (IARA) has been filed with SSA.  If not, take the necessary steps to provide an IARA to SSA.
    4. Document and update the SSI Facilitation screens in ICMS.
    5. Provide Equal Access and SSI Facilitation services to assist the recipient throughout the application process.
  3. When SSA rejects an SSI application because of citizenship status, of a person defined as qualified alien per WAC 388-424-0001), and the person has lived in the United States for at least four years:
    1. Schedule a face-to-face interview whenever possible. Explain the advantages of becoming a U.S. citizen such as: citizenship gives them the right to apply for federal benefits, vote and makes traveling abroad easier.
      NOTE: Never tell the person that they must become a U.S. Citizen.
    2. Suggest that the person contacts agencies in their local area that can help them become US citizen. You may give them a NATURALIZATION REFERRAL LIST which provides a list of agencies that have historically provided naturalization services.
    3.  If the person needs help contacting the naturalization agency:
      1. Call one of the local naturalization agencies to make an appointment for the person. 
      2. Help the person make transportation arrangements, such as contacting a friend or relative of the person.
      3. Give the person the NATURALIZATION REFERRAL LIST.
    4. Enter “SSI/SSA denied-Non Citizen (SN)” as the closing reason code on the SSI Facilitation screen in ICMS. Enter the date that you made the naturalization referral in the date field. 
    5. When a person who is a non-U.S. citizen reports SSI approval, explain that unless they naturalize they will only receive SSI for seven years from the date they entered the U.S:
      1. As a refugee, asylee, Cuban/Haitian entrant, Amerasian, victim of trafficking, Special Immigrant from Iraq or Afghanistan, or
      2. They have had deportation or removal withheld.
    6. Review the benefits of citizenship and the list of naturalization services providers.