Incapacity Determination - Review of Incapacity

Created on: 
Dec 01 2015

Worker Responsibilities

1. Review incapacity at the end of the 12 month incapacity authorization period. 

  1.  Send the Notice of Information Required for Incapacity Review, DSHS 14-525.
  2. Provide Adequate Notice: Send the 14-525 between six and eight weeks prior to the incapacity review date (around the 10th of the month prior to the incapacity review month).
  3. Ensure the Incapacity Review Notice complies fully with the person’s current Equal Access Plan.
  4. Specify the information needed for the review.
  5. Establish the deadline for the person to provide current medical evidence as the 10th of the month of incapacity review, or the first business day following the 10th if the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend.