SSI Facilitation – Participation in the SSI Process and Medical Treatment

Revised on: May 11, 2021

WAC 388-449-0200 - Am I eligible for cash assistance for Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD) while waiting for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Clarifying Information

  1. For Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) policy information, see SSA Interim Assistance Reimbursement Authorization.
  2. ABD recipients who are not U.S. citizens must cooperate with the SSI/SSDI application process until it is established by SSA that they don’t meet the requirements for either program.
  3. If ABD is closed for not participating in the SSI application process, we consider ABD eligibility once the client takes necessary steps (within their power) to participate.
  4. SSI Facilitators assist with the SSI application process. See the CSD Procedures Handbook: SSI Facilitation- Good Cause Process.
  5. ABD recipients must participate in medical treatment for their disabling condition(s) unless they have good cause not to do so. Good cause reasons include the following:
    1. The treatment provider has identified a risk that the treatment may cause further limitations or loss of function, and the client is not willing to take the risk.
    2. Treatment is not available without an out of pocket cost to the client,
    3. The client’s fear of the treatment may interfere with the treatment or reduce its benefits.
    4. The client practices an organized religion that prohibits the treatment.
    5. The client has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and does not wish to accept treatment.
    6. The client’s disability is permanent and there is no available treatment to improve the condition.
  6. Disability Specialists verify medical treatment participation for ABD recipients every six months and provide ongoing support to the client to help them participate as needed. See CSD Procedures Handbook: ABD Medical Treatment for Disabling Conditions.

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