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Quarterly Provider Meeting

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Month Upcoming Date/Time
September   9/7/2017 9:00 AM
September Contracts Training  9/19/2017 9:00 AM
December 12/14/2017*CHANGE* 9:00 AM
March 03/08/2018 9:00 AM
June 06/07/2018 9:00 AM
September 09/06/2018 9:00 AM
December 12/06/2018 9:00 AM


BFET Training Forum

Coming Soon

Federal Fiscal Year 2019

FFY 2019 BFET Contract Renewal Packet

FFY 2019 BFET Budget Workbook
Remember to replace "PROVIDERNAME" in file name with agency acronym or name.

Contractor Update Form



FNS E&T_Toolkit (2013)

 DSHS Standard Language

***NEW*** BFET Provider Handbook

 ***NEW***BFET Participant Reimbursement Directory

FNS Civil Rights Compliance Instruction 113-1

The Impact of BFE&T AECF Report 2013

 BFET Quarterly Report



Secure Email User Training

BFET Eligibility List FFY 2017

Guide to Completing Eligibility Lists

 CBO BFET Billing Roster 2018

CBO BFET Billing Roster Guide

Common Indirect Problems

 Cost Allocation Instructor Ratio Sample

Local Match Certification 06-155

Cost Details Sheet with Indirect Calculation

 Match tracking and BFET funds recycling spreadsheet

A-19, email

 College Billing Roster 2018

 College Billing Roster Guide

 Remaining Balance Budget Tracking - FFY 2017 (optional)



SAW Account Instructions - All BFET case managers must do this to gain eJAS acces.

NOTE: SAW eJAS Service Code Change:  eJAS05252018

Confidentiality Form 03-374e

CLMR step-by-step (April 2017)

eJAS Historic/Future Updates (December 2013)

eJAS Automation Update for Contractors (January 2014)

Guide to Writing eJAS Notes for Child Care (February 2014)

Updating employment information in eJAS for BFET (June 2014)

Guide to Using eMessage (July 2015)

Guide to Writing Progress Notes (July 2015)



NOTE: For official DSHS Forms and Publications in different languages please visit the linked websites
and search for the form or publication numbers.

 BFET IEP Sample

Participant Information Checklist

SBCTC BFET Referral Form 10-501

DSHS Release of Info Form 14-012

BFET Intake Leaflet 22-1578 

BFET Job Search Log Sample

BFET Participant Reimbursements 07_103 

 BFET Tri-fold Brochure (English) Publication 22-1681 Region 1
(East of the Cascades)

 BFET Tri-fold Brochure (English) Publication 22-1682 Region 2
(West side: Whatcom south through King County)

 BFET Tri-fold Brochure (English) Publication 22-1683 Region 3
(West side: Pierce County, south and around the sound to Clallam)



GovDelivery is now our Provider Email Delivery Service. In order to be added to our distribution list, please email with the subject line: Add to BFET GovDelivery.

Once you have been added you will be able to manage your subscription and end it at any time.