ABD/HEN Referral - Application and Intake Process

Created on: 
Oct 21 2014

WAC 388-447-0001 - What are the incapacity requirements for referral to the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program?

WAC 388-449-0001 - What are the disability requirements for the Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) program?

Worker Responsibilities

Intake Interview

  1. Review the referral (14-084) from financial services and any existing medical documentation.
  2. Consider if the individual is age 65 or older or meets any of the approval criteria in WAC 388-449-0001 (3) (a) through (d). If documentation is available confirming the individual meets age or non-SEP approval criteria for ABD, a social service intake is not required. Complete the SEP tool in ICMS and send a 14-118 to financial approving ABD.
  3. If the individual does not meet the age or non-SEP ABD approval criteria detailed above, complete the social service intake assessment.
  4. Explain the purpose, eligibility requirements, and benefits of the ABD cash and HEN Referral programs.
  5. Complete the Social Services Intake in ICMS. Document:
    1. Claimed impairments in the client’s own words;
    2. Treatment history;
    3. Education and training history;
    4. Work history (15 years); and
    5. Your professional observations.
  6. Obtain a signed IARA when the individual has a current pending SSI application.

NOTE: - While it is a best practice to complete a social service intake assessment on all ABD/HEN Referral applicants, a social service intake assessment is not required for applicants 65 or older or individuals who meet the approval criteria detailed in WAC 388- 449-0001 (3) (a) through (d).

Do not automatically deny ABD/HEN Referral when an applicant fails to complete a social service intake assessment. Review available documentation and approve ABD if the individual is age 65 or older or meets any of the non-SEP approval criteria detailed in WAC 388-449-0001 (3) (a) through (d).

For applicants who do not meet any of the non-SEP approval criteria, continue to track the case and deny ABD/HEN Referral by the 45th day of application, using the appropriate denial reason found on the 14-118 Incapacity Decision form.

Requesting Medical Evidence

  1. Request medical records from acceptable medical sources per WAC 388-449-0010 (doctors) who provided treatment in the last five years.
  2. Request medical records from all treating medical professionals seen in the last 90 days.
  3. Request a mental or physical evaluation only when no current medical records exist or there is no diagnosis from a doctor within the last five years.