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27-188 Initial Opiate Prescription Informed Consent (Behavioral Health Administration)
27-182 DSHS Request for Positive Identification – Thumbprint
27-179 Adult Family Home (AFH) Pilot Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Request (Residential Care Services)
27-178 Adult Protective Services (APS) Administrative Hearing Request
27-177 Notice and Consent of Communication via Text
27-176 Release of Liability (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
27-175 DVR Additional Contractor Information (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
27-168 Authorization of Disclosure (Economic Services Administration)
27-156 Notice and Consent of Communication via Text
27-155 Declaration on Commercial Purposes
27-147 Housing Modification Property Release Agreement
27-144 CSD Disability Eligibility Review Contractor Self-Assessment Monitoring Tool
27-143 CSD ABD Medical Evidence Review Contractor Self-Assessment Monitoring Tool
27-130 Authorization for Alternate EBT Cardholder
27-124 Provider Owned Housing Memorandum of Understanding Residential Provider Attestation
27-123 Provider Owned Housing Memorandum of Understanding Renter Attestation
27-122 HCS / AAA / DDA Individual Provider Contractor Intake
27-115 Privacy Complaint
27-110 Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information
27-109 BCCU Applicant Affidavit
27-096 Permission to Share Documents for Reimbursement of Health Care Expenses
27-094 Medicaid Provider Disclosure Statement (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
27-089 Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice
27-081 Employment and Day Program Services Providers: Mandatory Reporting of Abuse, Improper Use of Restraint, Neglect, Personal or Financial Exploitation, Abandonment of a Child or Vulnerable Adult (Developmental Disability Administration)
27-076 Mandatory Reporting of Abuse, Neglect, Personal and Financial Exploitation, or Abandonment of a Child or Vulnerable Adult
27-063 Voluntary Placement Services For Youth (Age 18-21)
27-059 Fingerprint Appointment
27-057 Voluntary Placement Services Provider Referral Letter (DDA)
27-053 Paternity Information
27-044A Contractor Information Update (for existing DSHS contractors)
27-043 Contractor Intake
23-045 Community Services Division (CSD) Financial Confidence Wheel (Economic Services Division)
23-034 Alternative Living Financial Report
21-061 Companion Home Monthly Emergency Evacuation Practice and Water Temperature Record (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
21-060 Children’s State Operated Living Alternative (SOLA) Quality Assurance Assessment
21-059 Children's Staffed Residential Quality Assurance Assessment
20-330 Incident Report to DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
20-273 Family Agreement to Children's Intensive In-home Behavioral Support (CIIBS) Program
19-237 Application Budget Summary (Residential Care Services)
19-074 Loan Agreement for Tools, Equipment, Initial Stock and Supplies, and Devices (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
18-701 Request for Income Information for Purposes of Entering or Enforcing a Child Support Order
18-700 Direct Deposit Authorization
18-682 Detail Sheet – Uninsured Health Care Expenses
18-681 Request for Collection of Uninsured Health Care Expenses
18-627 SSP Client Overpayment Notice (State Supplementary Program)
18-607 Child Care Verification
18-555 Financial Information Sheet
18-551 School Statement
18-544 Transmittal of Resident Personal Funds
18-484 Automatic Payment Authorization and Electronic Funds Transfer Information
18-483 Employer Payment Identification Instructions
18-464 Introduction to New Hire Reporting
18-463 New Hire Reporting Methods and Instructions (Division of Child Suppport)
18-463 New Hire Reporting Methods and Instructions
18-433 Declaration of Support Payments (Division of Child Support)
18-399A Non-SSPS Client / Provider Overpayment AFRS Coding Computation
18-399 Social Service Incorrect Payment Computation
18-398A Vendor / Provider Overpayment Notice
18-398 Client Overpayment Notice
18-334 How You Must Help with Child Support Collection for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Medical Assistance Programs
18-235 Initial payment (Interim Assistance Reimbursement Authorization)
18-176A Address Release Information Letter
18-176 Address Release Information Letter
18-097 Statement of Resources and Expenses
18-078 Application for Nonassistance Support Enforcement Services
17-292 Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) Program Service Request / Work Order for Induction Loops (Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
17-284 Qualified Sign Language Interpreter Request (Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
17-278 PASRR Equipment Purchase Request (Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-266 Contractor Designated Contact(s) Background Check (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
17-265 DSHS / DVR Request for Approval to Subcontract Checklist (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
17-264 DVR Background Check Reporting (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
17-263 Background Check Review: Character, Competence, and Suitability for Contractor Employees / Volunteers (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
17-262 Companion Home Physical and Safety Requirements Review (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-261 Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) Contractor Assignment Report (Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
17-260 Companion Home Gift Card or Pre-paid Credit Card Ledger (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-259 Companion Home Client Inventory Record
17-258 Companion Home Client Cash Ledger (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-257 Companion Home Client Budget Worksheet (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-253 DSHS Background Check System (BCS) Access Request
17-242 Residential Habilitation Center (RHC) Informed Consent (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
17-238 ODHH Approved Sign Language Interpreter Complaints
17-231 Mental Incapacity Evaluation (MIE) Contractor Travel Plan
17-230 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for PASRR Program Request
17-229 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Records Request
17-227 DSHS / HCA Systems Access Request
17-226 AAA DSHS / HCS Systems Access Request (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
17-211 Authorization for SSI Facilitation Records (Economic Services Administration)
17-208A PRISM Access Request for Multiple Organizations
17-194 Request for Mental Health Service Information
17-180 Personal Information Release (Economic Services Administration)
17-155 Sign Language Interpreter Registration
17-123A Request for Sign Language Interpreter
17-123 Spoken Language Interpreter Service Appointment Record
17-116 AIS TRACKS Fixed Asset Inventory Local Office Certificate of Completion
17-063 Authorization
17-041 Request for Records
17-011 Forms and Publications Request
16-246 Your rights as a client of the Developmental Disabilities Administration
16-245 Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, Activities of Daily Living Skills Practice Procedure Checklist for Home Care Aides DSHS Approved (Home and Community Services)
16-244 New Freedom Participant Responsibility Agreement
16-243 Community Services Office (CSO) Compliments and Concerns (Economic Services Administration)
16-242 Ask DSHS
16-237 DDA GovDelivery Communication Request (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
16-235 Photo Release
16-234A Vulnerable Adult Statement of Rights (Intended for use in CCRSS and ICF/IID (RHC))
16-234 Vulnerable Adult Statement of Rights (Intended for use in NH, ALF, AFH, ICF/IID (non RHC) and ESF)
16-230 Children's Residential Services
16-218 Intake Cover Letter to Tribes
16-213 Verification of Legal Status
16-205 Personal Emergency Plan Information
16-203 SIS-A Rating Key (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
16-202A Plan of Correction (5-Day Investigation)
16-202 5-Day Investigation Report (Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)
16-201 New Case / Resource Manager Assessment (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
16-200 Memo to Provider for Behavior Support, Counseling, and Consultation Services
16-199 New Case/Resource Manager Technology Training Checklist
16-198 Individual Provider Notification: Stop Work Notice
16-197 Assisted Living Facility Policies and Procedures Attestation
16-195 Information About Your Role as the Identified Necessary Supplemental Accommodation (NSA) Representative
16-194 DDA Specialty Training Sign-Up Sheet
16-193 Nurse Aide Registry Inquiry (ADSA)
16-191 SOLA Vehicle Trip Log (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
16-182 Guidelines for Completing the ICAP / SIB-R Adaptive Behavior Scale (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
16-172 Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Receive Services Offered by Aging and Disability Services Administration and Developmental Disabilities Administration
16-107 Noncustodial Parent's Rights and Responsibilities
16-072 NonAssistance Support Enforcement Information (Division of Child Support)
15-560 Room Requirements Checklist (Home and Community Services)
15-559 Adult Family Home Referral Request (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-558 Adult Family Home (AFH) Resident Significant Change Assessment Request
15-556 Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Registration Renewal Addendum (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
15-555 Facility Training Program Application and Updates (Home and Community Services)
15-554 Facility Instructor Application (Home and Community Services)
15-553 Long-Term Care Worker Basic Training Enhancement Instructions and Application (Home and Community Services)
15-552 Curriculum Approval Application (Home and Community Services)
15-551 Community Instructor Training Program Application and Updates (Home and Community Services)
15-550 Community Instructor Application (Home and Community Services)
15-549 Community Instructor Application: DSHS Adult Education (Home and Community Services)
15-548 Adult Family Home Administrator Training Instructor Application (Home and Community Services)
15-547 Continuing Education Event Approval Application (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
15-517 Application for Transition from Group Home to Group Training Home
15-516 Companion Home Quarterly Report (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-515 CCSS Family Agreement (Community Crisis Stabilization Services) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-514 Companion Home (CH) Client Individual Financial Plan (IFP) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-512 Companion Home and Alternative Living Services Incident Report (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-509 Provider Progress Report of Community Guide and Engagement Services (Developmental Disabilities Administration))
15-508 Consent and Service Agreement (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-501 Notification of Initial Assessment Request (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-496 Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP) Revision (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-495 Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-494 Guardian / Family Response to Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP) Notification (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-493 PASRR Client Referral
15-492 Medicaid Transformation Demonstration Service Notice
15-483 Notification Regarding Request to Exceed Work Week Limit (Home and Community Services) - TRANSLATIONS ONLY
15-474 Notification of Age 20 Eligibility Expiration
15-473 Notification of Age 18 Eligibility Expiration
15-458 Adult Family Home Notice of Transfer or Change
15-456 RCS Character, Competence and Suitability (CSS) Determination for Unsupervised Access to Minors and Vulnerable Adults
15-449 Adult Family Home Disclosure of Charges Required by RCW 70.128.280
15-447 Resident Choice Regarding Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Room Requirements (Home and Community Services)
15-436 Request for Adult Family Home Application Fee Waiver
15-435 Documentation of Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) for Developmental Disabilities Administration
15-424 Staffed Residential Cost of Care Adjustment Request
15-422 No Paid Services Group
15-420 Request For ICF / IID or SONF Admission
15-419 Refusal of Services Statement
15-398 Medically Intensive Children's Program (MICP) Application
15-389 Certified Community Residential Services and Support Initial Application
15-388 Alternative Living Certification Evaluation (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-387 Children’s Respite Application
15-385 Provider Consent For Use of Restrictive Procedures Requiring an ETP
15-384 Provider Progress Report of Behavior Management and Consultation and Staff/Family Training and Consultation Services (DDA)
15-383 Functional Behavioral Assessment (FA)
15-382 Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP)
15-381 Respite Assessment Worksheet
15-380 Individual and Family Services Assessment Worksheet (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-379 Staff Add-on Request for Client Specific Need (Developmental Disabilities Administration))
15-376 Skin Observation Protocols
15-366 Change of Address
15-365 Community Protection Treatment Worksheet Quarterly Review
15-360 Residential Services Capacity Profile
15-358 Client Referral Summary (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-356 DDA Community Protection Program Chaperone Agreement
15-344 Private Duty Nursing Logs and Skilled Nursing Tasks Log
15-342 Notice of Exception to Rule Decision
15-331 Annual Assessment Checklist (Developmental Disability Administration)
15-318 DDA Crisis Diversion Bed Referral and Intake Information
15-314 Client Necessary Supplemental Accommodation Representative Requirement Checklist
15-304 HCBS Waiver Enrollment Database Update (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-295 Person Centered Service Plan Meeting Survey (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
15-291 Person Centered Service Planning and Annual Assessment Meeting
15-290 Notification of Annual Assessment Review and Person Centered Services Planning Meeting
15-282A Request for Enrollment in Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver or Request to Change from One DDA HCBS Waiver to Another
15-274 Assistance Available Schedule (DDA)
15-252 DRW Access Request Checklist
15-215 AFH Quality Improvement Visit Assessment
15-186 DSHS Volunteer Application
15-184 Volunteer Chore Service Referral
15-031 Nursing Facility Notice of Action
14-551 Adult Family Homes (AFH) State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Grant Application
14-550 Job Foundation Application (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-547 Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Registration Application
14-544 Continuing Education Summary for DVPT Providers (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
14-543 Application for Renewal Program Certification (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
14-542 Application for New Program Certification (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
14-541 ABAWD Requirement: Medical Report (Able Bodied Adults without Dependents)
14-538 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Addendum
14-535 Notice of Insufficient Information for Reapplication (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-534 SDCP Eligibility Checklist (Home and Community Services)
14-532 Authorized Representative
14-530 Disability Review
14-529 Substance Use Disorder Requirements (ABD / PWA)
14-528 Chemical Dependency NonCooperation
14-527 Substance Use Disorder Requirements (HEN Referral Program)
14-526 Chemical Dependency Treatment Verification Request
14-525 Incapacity Review for Medical Care Services
14-521 Your Rights (Home and Community Services)
14-520 Your DSHS Cash or Food Assistance Benefits
14-517 DSHS Letter Requesting Non Work SSN
14-515 Notice and Finding of Responsibility
14-514 Your Responsibility to Pay Towards Costs of Care at the Residential Habilitation Center
14-503 Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement Cover
14-501 Community Resource Declaration
14-495 Naturalization Letter
14-493 Requirement to Identify a Representative (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-492 Assessment Meeting Wrap-up
14-491 NSA Representative Checklist forDDA Review
14-489 SSIF Introduction Letter
14-484 Nurse Delegation: Nursing Visit
14-478 Treatment Verification Request
14-475 Appointment Letter for Division of Child Support (DCS) Good Cause Determination
14-473 Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) Letter
14-467 Mid-Certification Review
14-463 Waiver Transportation Record (DDA)
14-462 Epilepsy Verification Request (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-460 Notice of Insufficient Information (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-459 Eligible Conditions With Age and Type of Evidence (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-454 Estate Recovery: Repaying the State for Medical and Long Term Services and Supports
14-453 Protective Payee Decision
14-449 Unmet Need Breakdown
14-443 Financial / Social Services Communication
14-440 Non-Profit Organization Application for Reconditioned Telecommunications Equipment (Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
14-439 WASHCAP Application
14-438 Stop Work
14-436 Statement of Adult Acting in Loco Parentis (As a Parent)
14-432 Direct Deposit Enrollment
14-431A Community Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS) Medical / Dental Services Authorization (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-431 Medical / Dental Services Authorization (Voluntary Placement Services) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
14-427 Teen Parent Living Assessment
14-426 Protective Payee Payment Plan, Case Assignment, and Closure Notice
14-416 Eligibility Review for Long Term Services and Supports
14-402 Notice to Parents (WorkFirst)
14-401A Notification of Address Disclosure Request - Part 2
14-401 Notification of Address Disclosure Request - Part 1
14-381 WorkFirst Individual Responsibility Plan
14-349 Protective Payee Assessment
14-341 Application to Convert Payment Services Only (PSO) Case to Full Collection Services
14-332 Disability Assessment
14-310 Client Status Change Report
14-300 Level One Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)
14-299 Adult Assessment Referral (Economic Services Administration)
14-264 Application for Telecommunications Equipment
14-252 Employment Verification
14-238 Client Income Report
14-225 Acknowledgement of Services
14-224 Statement from Landlord/Manager
14-223 Statement from School
14-222 SUMMARY Statement of Collateral Information Summary
14-222 Statement of Collateral Information
14-155 Senior Citizens Service Application
14-151 Request for DDA Eligibility Determination
14-144A Medical Disability Decision
14-113 Your Cash and Food Assistance Rights and Responsibilities
14-105 Interview Appointment for Applicant (Community Services Division)
14-084 Social Service Referral
14-078 Eligibility Review
14-076 Change of Circumstances
14-068 Financial Statement (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
14-057D Child Support Referral Continuation
14-057B Noncustodial Parent Child Support Enforcement Application
14-057 Child Support Referral
14-050 Statement of Health, Education, and Employment
14-012 Consent
14-001 Application for Cash or Food Assistance
13-928 Involuntary Antipsychotic Medication Hearing Checklist (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-927 Involuntary Antipsychotic Medication Hearing Checklist (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-926 Forensic (6358) Consultation (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-925B Non-Formulary Drug Use Request: Risperidone Consta, Aripiprazole Maintena, Paliperidone Sustenna (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-925A Non-Formulary Drug Use Request (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-925 Request for Formulary Admission or Deletion (Behavioral Health Administration)
13-920 Outpatient Competency Restoration Program (OCRP) Discharge Summary
13-919 Weekly Status Update (Competency Restoration Program) (Behavioral Rehabilitation Administration)
13-917 CCSS Medical / Dental Services Authorization (Community Crisis Stabilization Services) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
13-915 Information for Respite Care Service Providers: Addendum to TCARE Assessment
13-911 DDA Nursing Service Referral (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
13-906 Therapy Assessment Bed Rails or Side Rails (Home and Community Services)
13-905 Autistic Disorder Confirmation (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
13-903 DDA Request for Additional Units Nurse Delegation (Developmental Disability Administration)
13-899 Review of Medical Evidence
13-893 Nurse Delegation: Request For Additional Units
13-865 Psychological / Psychiatric Evaluation
13-851C Psychoactive Medication Treatment Plan Annual Continuation of Medication
13-851A Psychoactive Medication Treatment Plan
13-851 Psychiatric Referral Summary
13-830 Admissions Review Team Checklist for Admission to an ICF / IID or SONF at a Residential Habilitation Center (RHC) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
13-784 Nursing Services Assessment
13-783 Pressure Injury Assessment and Documentation (Home and Community Services)
13-780 Nursing Services Basic Skin Assessment (Home and Community Services)
13-776 HCS / AAA Nursing Services Referral (Home and Community Services)
13-738 DDA / CA Request to Cost Share
13-734 Documentation of First Use of Medicaid Benefits (DDA)
13-713 Fast Track Service Agreement
13-712 Behavioral Health Personal Care Request for BHO / MCO Funding (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
13-692A Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Dementia Screening Tool
13-681 Nurse Delegation: Change in Medical Orders
13-680 Nurse Delegation: Rescinding Delegation
13-678B Nurse Delegation: Assumption of Delegation
13-678A Nurse Delegation: PRN Medication
13-678 Page 2 Nurse Delegation: Instructions for Nursing Task
13-678 Page 1 Nurse Delegation: Consent for Delegation Process
13-645 Adult Family Home Injuries and Accidents Log
13-585A Range of Joint Motion Evaluation Chart
13-021 Physical Evaluation
12-212 Waiver of Administrative Disqualification Hearing (Community Services Division)
12-210 Medicaid Provider Fraud Report
12-209 Client Fraud Report
12-207 Application for Disaster Cash Assistance
12-206 Application for Disaster Food Benefits
12-195 Disqualification Consent Agreement
12-006 Basis of Issuance Tables and Maximum Allowable Monthly Gross and Net Income Standards for the Washington Basic Food Program
11-149 Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Customer Job Seeker Accommodation Worksheet
11-146 Supported Employment Referral (Economic Services Administration)
11-142 Service Delivery Outcome Plan: Pre-ETS IL Skills Training
11-134 Deaf - Blind Referral Criteria Checklist for Level 4 Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) Services (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-133 Jobs and Training Inventory (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-132 90 Day Review (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-125 Service Delivery Outcome Plan: WBL - Experience C
11-124 Service Delivery Outcome Plan: WBL - Experience B
11-123 Service Delivery Outcome Plan: WBL - Experience A
11-121 Enhanced Case Management Referral Consideration (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
11-119 Informational Interview Worksheet (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-118 Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) Worksheet (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-117 Student Summary Report
11-116 Work-Based Learning Report
11-115 Workplace Readiness Report
11-114 Student Workshop Roster
11-112 Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services) Job Shadow (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-110 Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services) Informational Interview (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-107 Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services) Peer Mentoring (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-106 Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services) Self-Advocacy Training (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-100 Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) Generic Update Report
11-098 Vocational Assessment Worksheet
11-097 Service Delivery Outcome Report (Independent Living Services - IL)
11-093 Outreach Attendance (Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
11-088 DVR, DSB, and PIHE Student Accommodation Cost Share Worksheet
11-084 Contracted Employee(s) to Provide IL Services and Service(s) Approved (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-080 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) Title VII, Part B Monthly Report
11-079 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) Title VII, Part B, Contract Annual Report
11-078 Centers for Independent Living (CILs), Title VII, Part B Two-Year Plan (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-072 DVR Internship Evaluation (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-071 DVR Employer Expense Worksheet (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-070 DVR Attendance Log and Billing Invoice (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-069 DVR Internship Agreement (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-068 DVR Internship Application (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-067 Monthly Budget Worksheet (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-066 Assistive Communication Technology Request (Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
11-058 Trial Work Experience (TWE) Agreement (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
11-055 Acknowledgement of My Responsibilities As The Employer of My Individual Providers
11-046 Work Experience (WEX) Agreement (Food Stamp Employment and Training)
11-045 Work Experience (WEX) Referral (Food Stamp Employment and Training)
11-034B Basic Food Eligibility Requirements: What You Need to Know
11-030 Service Delivery Outcome Report (Community Rehabilitation Program - CRP)
11-022 Application for Vocational Rehabilitation Services
11-019 Vocational Information (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
10-650A Adult Family Home (AFH) Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Contract Monitoring Tool (Home and Community Services)
10-650 Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Contract Monitoring Tool (Home and Community Services)
10-649 Children's State Operated Living Alternatives (SOLA) Review and Evaluation (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-648 Planned Action Notice PASRR Determination Supporting Information (Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-647 Residential Certification Evaluation Staff Interview (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-646 Residential Certification Evaluation Legal Representative Interview (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-645 Residential Certification Evaluation Client Interview (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-644 Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Approval Notification (DDA)
10-643 PASRR Request for Skilled Nursing in a Community Setting (Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-642 Components of Your 75 Hour Home Care Aide Training Program (Home and Community Services)
10-641 Community Instructor Qualification Tool (Home and Community Services)
10-640 Emphasis on Hands-On Skills Practice: Planning Attestation (Home and Community Services)
10-639 Overnight Planned Respite Services (OPRS) Certification Evaluation (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-638 AFH Meaningful Day - Monthly Activities and Challenging Behavior Log
10-637 Meaningful Activity Plan (MAP) Discovery
10-636 Meaningful Day Monthly Calendar
10-635 Residential Transition Exchange of Information (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-634 Medication Assistant Endorsement (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-633 TB Testing Review for Resident (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-632 TB Testing Review for Staff (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-631 Staff Qualification and Background Review (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-630 Paid Feeding Assistant Program Review (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-629 Pet Record Review (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-628 Trust Fund Review (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-627 Liability Insurance Review (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-626 Staffing Pattern (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-625 State Task Checklist (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-623 DDA PASRR Significant Change Invalidation (Developmental Disabilities Administration) (Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review)
10-622 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Group Training Home Food Service Observations and Interviews (Residential Care Services)
10-621 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Notes (Residential Care Services)
10-620 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Residential Cost Report – ISS Hours Review / Questionnaire (Residential Care Services)
10-619 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Background Check Record Review (Residential Care Services)
10-618 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Staff Sample / Record Review (Residential Care Services)
10-617 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Home Environment and Safety Worksheet (Residential Care Services)
10-616 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Staff Interview (Residential Care Services)
10-615 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Family / Representative / Collateral Contact Interview (Residential Care Services)
10-614 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Client Interview (Residential Care Services)
10-613 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Client Observation(Residential Care Services)
10-612 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Pre-Certification Evaluation Preparation (Residential Care Services)
10-611 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports (CCRSS) Certification Evaluation Face Sheet (Residential Care Services)
10-605 ICF / IID Information Changes (Residential Care Services)
10-604 Supported Living Information Changes (Residential Care Services)
10-603 Nursing Home Information Changes
10-602 Enhanced Services Facility Information Changes
10-601 Assisted Living Facility Information Changes
10-596 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Adult Training Programs
10-595 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Occupational Therapy
10-594 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Communication
10-593A Restraint / Support Evaluation Continuation
10-593 Restraint / Support Evaluation
10-592 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Direct Care Independent Living Skills
10-591 Assisted Living Facility License Application
10-590 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Physical Therapy
10-589 Comprehensive Functional Assessment of Recreation
10-585 Adult Family Home Information Changes
10-584 Data Summary Report and Recommendations (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-583 DDA PASRR Cover Sheet
10-582 Notification of Age 19 Eligibility Review (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-580 Adult Day Services Referral
10-577 Assisted Living Facility Other Contact Information - Attachment R
10-574 Roads to Community Living (RCL) Person Centered Transition Planning
10-573 Planned Action Notice - Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Determination
10-572 Respite Application for Overnight Planned Respite (OPRS), Emergent and/or Planned Short-Term Stay Services at an RHC
10-571 Overnight Planned Respite Services Individualized Agreement
10-570 Intake and Referral
10-535 Enhanced Services Facility Application
10-509 Pediatric Symptoms Checklist (PSC-17)
10-508 Adult Family Home Disclosure of Services Required by RCW 70.128.280
10-506 Limitation Extension Request Checklist
10-505 Limitation Extension Task Explanation
10-504 Limitation Extension Request for Clients Under Age 21
10-503 Limitation Extension Evaluation
10-501 Referral to DSHS for Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET)
10-489 Confidential Health Information Consent Agreement
10-488 Extended Foster Care Program Consent
10-487 Assisted Living Facility Medication Pass Worksheet - Attachment Q
10-486 Assisted Living Facility Food Service Observations - Attachment P
10-481 Health Action Plan (HAP)
10-472 Quality Review Tool: Functional Assessment / Positive Behavior Support Plan (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-471 Child and Family Team (CFT) Care Plan (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-468 HCS / AAA / ODHH / DDA Character, Competence and Suitability (CSS) Determination for Unsupervised Access to Minors and Vulnerable Adults
10-467 ALTSA Sentence / Copy Design Folstein MMSE (Home and Community Services)
10-448 Nurse Delegation Contract Monitoring Chart Audit
10-442 Goal Setting and Action Planning Worksheet
10-438 Long-Term Care Partnership (LTCP) Asset Designation
10-437 Temporary Manager and/or Receiver Application Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility
10-427 School District Communication
10-424 Voluntary Participation Statement (Developmental Disability Administration)
10-423 Shared Planning for Youth Aged 18-21 Receiving Voluntary Placement Services
10-422 Adult Family Home (AFH) Quality Improvement Initial Visit
10-417 Adult Family Home Caregiver Experience Attestation (CEA)
10-413 Application For Contract For Currently Licensed Boarding Home
10-412 Adult Family Home License Relinquishment Letter
10-411 Consumer Response: Do Not Hang Up Complaint
10-410 Adult Family Home License Application
10-403 Residential Services Provider: Mandatory Reporting of Abuse, Neglect, Personal and Financial Exploitation, or Abandonment of a Child or Vulnerable Adult
10-400 Information Request Letter
10-396 SSI Letter (DDA)
10-393 Cost Estimate Worksheet for Hearing Aids and Services
10-389A Additional Room List For Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
10-389 Room List For Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
10-382 Naturalization Services Pre-Screening
10-378 Notification of Age Ten (10) Eligibility Expiration
10-377 Notification of Age Four (4) Eligibility Expiration-
10-373 Assisted Living Facility Environmental Observations for Contract Requirements - Attachment O
10-372 Assisted Living Facility Contract Requirements - Attachment N
10-371 Assisted Living Facility Exit Preparation Worksheet - Attachment M
10-370 Assisted Living Facility Notes / Worksheet - Attachment L
10-369 Assisted Living Facility Staff Sample / Record Review - Attachment K
10-368 Assisted Living Facility Resident Record Review - Attachment J
10-367 Assisted Living Facility Environmental Observations - Attachment I
10-366 Assisted Living Facility Other Contact Interview - Attachment H
10-365 Assisted Living Facility Resident Interview - Attachment G
10-363 Assisted Living Facility Resident Group Meeting - Attachment E
10-362 Assisted Living Facility Resident Characteristic Roster and Sample Selection - Attachment D
10-361 Assisted Living Facility Resident List - Attachment C
10-360 Boarding Home Request for Documentation - Assisted Living Facility Request For Documentation - Attachment B
10-359 Assisted Living Facility Pre Inspection Preparation - Attachment A
10-353 Documentation Request for Medical Condition and Residual Functional Capacity
10-351 Disclosure of Services Required by RCW 18.20.300
10-349 Comprehensive Regional Review Tool
10-348 Community Protection Program Information Checklist and Risk Assessment Consent (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-339 Nursing Care Consultant (NCC) Assessment (DDA)
10-337 Important Information for SSP Recipients and Their Payees (DDA)
10-334 Monitoring of Side Effects Scale (MOSES) (DDA)
10-331 DDA Mortality Review Provider Report (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-330 Request For Legal Advice
10-329 Informed Consent for ICAP
10-328 Residential Site Approval Request
10-326 Staffed Residential Rate Proposal (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-301 Notification of Eligibility Review (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-277 Request for Children's Residential Services
10-276 WTRS Consumer Response (Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
10-272 Cross-System Crisis Plan (DDA)
10-270 Assisted Living Facility Admission Agreement(s) Attestation
10-269A Alternative Living Services Plan and Provider Progress Report Supplement to DSHS form 10-269 (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-269 Alternative Living Services Plan and Provider Progress Report (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-268 Pre-Placement Agreement (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-258 Individual With Possible Community Protection Issues (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-255 Public Health Nurse (PHN) Summary and Recommendations
10-246 Permanency Plan
10-244 Shared Parenting Plan (Developmental Disabilities)
10-238 Request for an Administrative Hearing (Residential Care Services)
10-237 Nursing Home Transfer or Discharge Notice (Residential Care Services)
10-234A Individual with Complex Behaviors (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
10-234 Individual with Challenging Support Issues (DDA)
10-232A AFH / ARC Provider Referral Letter
10-232 Provider Referral Letter For Residential Services (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
10-231 Adult Family Home (AFH) Placement Checklist (DDA)
10-217 Nurse Delegation: Nursing Assistant Credentials and Training
10-210 Staff Statement of Qualifications
10-104B Service Verification / Attendance Record For Alternative Living Providers (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
09-995 Companion Home Certification Evaluation (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
09-989 Confidentiality Statement - Tribal Employee
09-893 Periodic Review of Individual Service Plan (DDA)
09-892 Petition for Review of Continued Out-of-Home Care (Child with Disabilities) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
09-878 Order Approving Continued Out-of-Home Care (Child With a Developmental Disability)
09-877 Notice of Hearing Re: Out-of-Home Placement (Child with a Developmental Disability)
09-876 Permanency Planning Findings and Order (Child With a Developmental Disability)
09-810 WorkFirst Word Experience (WEX) Agreement
09-809 WorkFirst Word Experience (WEX) Referral
09-762A Petition for Court Validation of Voluntary Consent to Foster Care Placement of An Indian Child (Indian Child with Disabilities) (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
09-741 Child Support Order Review Request
09-728 Washington State Addendum to Box 2 of Part B - Plan Administrator Response
09-693 Declaration of Lawful Custody
09-653 Background Check Authorization
09-520 Request for Conference Board
09-508 Waiver of Statute of Limitations
09-415 Authorization for Expenditure (Non-Employee)
09-280B Petition for Modification - Administrative Order
09-052 Affidavit of Forged Endorsement
09-013 Vendor Affidavit of Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Warrant
09-004C Voluntary Placement Agreement for Child or Youth with Developmental Disabilities
07-107 Exception to Rule and Notice Guardianship Fees and Related Costs (Aging and Long-Term Support Administration and Developmental Disabilities Administration)
07-104 Financial Communication to Social Services
07-103A Participant Reimbursement with Interpreter Declaration
07-103 Participant Reimbursement
07-098 Self Employment Monthly Sales and Expense Worksheet
07-097 Individual Provider Planned Action Notice Training / Certification (Home and Community Services)
07-081 Participation Reimbursement
07-042B Self-Employment Income Report
06-182 Public Records Customer Experience Survey
06-181 Nursing Services Activity Report for AAAs
06-180 Nursing Services Activity Report for Home and Community Services (HCS)
06-177 Residential Training Roster / Reimbursement (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
06-176 Adult Living Facility (ALF) Change in Licensed Resident Bed Capacity or Use of Rooms
06-175 Individual Provider (IP) Travel Time Request
06-174 Enhanced Rate Proposal
06-173 Medical Evidence Reimbursement
06-172 Domestic Violence Prevention Account
06-171 Funding and Expenditure Data (Tribal)
06-169 AFH Change in Licensed Bed Capacity - Decrease (Adult Family Home) (Residential Care Services)
06-168 AFH Change in Licensed Bed Capacity - Increase (Adult Family Home) (Residential Care Services)
06-165 Extended Foster Care Denial Letter (Children's Administration)
06-162 Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Referral to Office of Financial Recovery Referral
06-159 Psychologist and Sex Offender Treatment Provider Invoice
06-125B Residential Allowance Request / Damage (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
06-125A Residential Allowance Request / Start Up Costs (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
06-125 Residential Allowance Request / Insufficient Income and Housemate Allowance (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
06-124 Cost of Care Adjustment (COCA) (Developmental Disabilities)
06-123 Nursing Assistant Training and Testing Reimbursement
05-273 Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Pre-Contract Education Attestation (Home and Community Services)
05-272 Case Manager Instructions Following a Hearing Decision
05-269 Community Instructor Self-Assessment for Contract Renewal and/or for Newly Established Contracts (Home and Community Services)
05-268 Community Instructor Self-Assessment (Home and Community Services)
05-267 Self-Assessment and Monitoring Tool (Home and Community Services)
05-262 Add or Remove a Service for an Existing DVIT Certification (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
05-261 Add, Change, or Remove Direct Service Staff for a Certified DVIT Program (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
05-260 Change of Address for an Existing DVIT Certification (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
05-259 Risk, Needs, and Responsivity for Assessments and Treatment Planning (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
05-258 Level 4 Questionnaire for Supervisors Applying to Facilitate Level 4 Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment
05-256 Notice of Action Exception to Rule for AFH Daily Rates
05-255 Medicaid Transformation Demonstration Notice of Action Exception to Rule
05-254 Federal Subminimum Wage Certificate Holder
05-252 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)
05-251 Rule Change Comments (Residential Care Services)
05-249 Adult Residential Care Services Notice of a Change
05-246 Notice of Action Exception to Rule (Excluding AFH)
05-013 Request for Hearing
05-010 Rule Exception Request
04-449A Survivors Feedback (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
04-449 Participants Feedback (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment)
04-446 Tell Us How We are Doing! (Division of Child Support)
04-220A Indian Heritage Questionnaire (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
03-509 DSHS Unpaid Intern / Volunteer Application
03-506 Character, Competence, and Suitability Assessment
03-494 Medication Administration Competency Assessment Tool
03-490 Employee / Contractor Awareness IRS Safeguard Training Certification
03-391 Report of Possible Client Assault
03-389A Witness Report of Possible Client Assault (Per RCW 72.01.045, RCW 74.04.790)
03-387A DSHS Notice of Privacy Practices for Client Medical Information without Acknowledgement
03-387 DSHS Notice of Privacy Practices for Client Medical Information
03-374E Confidential Information, Fraud and Abuse