How to use the KIDS phone system

  • Have a pencil, paper and your case number handy.
  • From a touch-tone phone, dial 1-800-442-KIDS (1-800-442-5437).
  • If you do not have a touch-tone phone, you can still listen to general information about services but the KIDS system cannot provide you with case specific information.
  • The KIDS system will transfer you to a receptionist if you do not have a touch-tone phone. However, receptionists are available during regular business hours only (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM).
  • You can access the KIDS system virtually 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The exception to the 24 hour access is Friday nights from 6:00 PM - midnight Saturday when the system is down for maintenance.

If KIDS doesn't recognize your social security number, transfer to the receptionist. We may have the wrong social security number in our file.

  • Get payment information by entering your case number and social security number.

  • Use your case number to:

    1. Leave a message for your Support Enforcement Officer.
    2. Listen to a message from your Support Enforcement Officer.
    3. Ask a worker to call you.
    4. Have forms Faxed or mailed to you.

The following payment information is available from KIDS:

  • The date DCS processed or received the last five payments on a case.
  • The amount of each of the last five payments on a case.
  • The balance on a DCS account.

Other information available from KIDS:

  • You can stop pay an issued check(s) that is lost or stolen using the KIDS line. The system will update overnight and a stop pay will be placed on the lost or stolen check. A new check will be reissued 14 days after the original check issuance date.
  • General information about the street address, phone numbers and hours of operation for each local office.
  • A description of our services and information on how to apply for services.
  • How to report an address change or obtain visitation address information.
  • Paternity establishment (determining the father of a child).
  • How to modify an existing child support order.
  • The Washington State Support Registry (WSSR).
  • Information on father's rights.
  • Information on applying for electronic funds transfer and the DCS card.
  • Information about interception of IRS tax refunds.
  • Child support questions regarding Native American Tribes.
  • Many other recorded informational messages.