Filing Applications - Special Situations

Revised August 28, 2018


This section contains applications procedures for special situations, including when an applicant is temporarily out of state and the Trial Visit Program.

Worker Responsibilities

  1. The Trial Visit Program is part of a treatment plan for clients in institutions. The institution determines if the client is able to participate in the program. If assistance is needed before the client can participate in the program, the CSO serving the client's institution will initiate the application.
    1. Administrative Disability Review Committee: Each institution will designate a liaison to coordinate with the CSO when an approved trial visit client is in need of public assistance. At least ten days prior to the scheduled release date, the liaison will provide the CSO with a completed Application for Benefits, DSHS 14-001(X) and related supplements. In addition, the liaison will provide:
  2. Determine eligibility for a Medicare Savings Program (MSP) and, if requested, all other medical programs.
    1. Review ACES instructions for auto-screened MSP application.
    2. WA State SSI Related income and resource rules differ from SSA LIS income and resource rules so S03 cannot be auto-opened without an application.
    3. ACES sends a LTR 023-02 and a 14-001 application form.
    4. If client returns the application form, look to see if medical is requested. If so, determine eligibility for all medical programs.
    5. If medical is not checked, determine eligibility for only the Medicare Savings Programs (ie S03, S04, S05 and S06).
    6. The Standard of Promptness (SOP) count begins from the date DSHS received the SSA/LIS input file. ACES is programmed to apply the correct SOP date.
    7. Estate Recovery rules apply to all medical programs except MSP.
  3. Denying automated MSP applications.
    1. ACES will auto-deny MSP applications with LTR 004-05 and reason code 230 after 30 days when an application is not returned.
    2. Do not deny for failure to provide information prior to the automated ACES denial.