Basic Food Work Requirements - Unsuitable Employment and Quitting a Job

Revised November 18, 2016


WAC 388-444-0060 What is unsuitable employment for Basic Food work requirements?

WAC 388-444-0065 Am I eligible for Basic Food if I quit my job or reduce my work effort?

WAC 388-444-0070 What is good cause for quitting my job or reducing my work effort?

WAC 388-444-0075 What are the penalties if I quit a job or reduce my work effort without good cause? 

  • Clarifying Information and Worker Responsibilities

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-444-0075

The rules for quitting a job or reducing work effort below thirty hours per week apply to both Basic Food applicants and recipients.

General Requirements

  1. The following requirements apply to all Basic Food clients 16 through 59 years old who:
    1. Quit a job or reduce  their work effort within 30 days of application.
    2. Quit a job or reduce  their work effort after an application for benefits was submitted but before  benefits are certified.
    3. Quit a job or reduce their work effort during certification.
    4. Would have been required to register for work at the time of quit or reduction of work effort.
  2. The following situations are not considered a voluntary job quit:
    1. Terminating a self-employment enterprise; and
    2. Resigning at the request of the employer.

       3.   We cannot disqualify  a recipient or applicant for less than the penalty time period unless they become exempt from work registration as described in WAC 388-444-0075 (5).

The penalties for quitting a job or reducing hours are:

  1. First time - one benefit month;
  2. Second time – three benefit months;
  3. Three or more times - six benefit months.
Sherry applies for benefits on December 20th, she quit her last job on November 30th without good cause. This is her first offense. December is Sherry’s  one-month penalty even though the benefits are prorated. ACES will approve ongoing benefits as long as Sherry is otherwise eligible.
Same as above but it’s Sherry’s second offense. ACES will deny all three months: current, ongoing, and the third month (December – February). Sherry can reapply at any time but will not be eligible for benefits again until March.

Worker Responsibilities -WAC 388-444-0075

 Verifying and Documenting a Voluntary Job Quit or Reduction in Work Effort 

  1. Verify the client's claim of good cause if questionable.
  2. Whenever possible, verification should be accepted from but not limited to:
    1. The previous employer;
    2. An employee organization or union; or
    3. A grievance committee or organization.
  3. Disqualify a client that doesn’t have good cause from the date of application following ACES procedures below.
  4. For a recipient without good cause, send the notice of adverse action and apply the disqualification the first of the month following the 10-day advance notice.

Do not delay benefits to an otherwise eligible person beyond the normal processing time while awaiting a good cause determination.



See Disqualified / Sanctioned Assistance Unit / Individual - Quitting a Job Without Good Cause