Basic Food

Created on: 
Mar 10 2020

Revised September 24, 2020


This section includes information for the Washington Basic Food program (Basic Food):
  • Income standards used to determine eligibility for Basic Food.
  • The gross and net income tests for households.
  • Maximum monthly benefits for Basic Food.

WAC 388-478-0060 What are the income limits and maximum benefit amounts for Basic Food?

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-478-0060

  1. The federal government sets the income and resources standards.  The income standards are updated October 1st each year based on the federal poverty level in effect at the time.
  2. The gross income standard is based on 130% of the federal poverty level.
  3. The net income standard is based on 100% of the federal poverty level.

Worker Responsibilities -WAC 388-478-0060

  1. If the AU's income is over the standards for their AU size, deny or terminate assistance.  Remember to apply any appropriate exceptions allowed under Basic Food rules.
  2. See WAC 388-450-0245 when an increase in income causes the AU to be ineligible for one month.

165 Percent Standard for Recipients Who Are Both Elderly and Disabled

  1. A recipient who is both elderly and disabled and can’t cook their own meals may be in a separate AU only if the other people who would normally be in the AU (not counting the person's spouse) have combined income at or under the 165% standard.
  2. The recipient's spouse must always be in the AU if they live with the client. See ASSISTANCE UNITS - Basic Food.