Refugee - Employment and Training Services

Revised December 31, 2013


WAC 388-466-0150 Refugee employment and training services.

  • Worker Responsibilities

Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-466-0150

Financial Services Specialist

  1. Follow local office policies and procedures to determine whether the client is exempt from work participation requirements. Refer a client, claiming incapacity, to SSI facilitator.

  2. Determine, using information provided by VOLAG, by the client, or any other source if an RCA applicant who is not exempt from work and training requirements, has voluntarily quit employment or refused an offer of employment or a training opportunity without good reason within the last 30 days;

    1. If the client claims good reason, refer the client to Refugee Social Service Specialist to determine if good reason exists.

    2. If good reason does not exist, the client is ineligible until the later of:

      1. The 30th day following the date of the job quit or refusal of the employment or training opportunity; or

      2. The date the client complies with work and training requirements.

    3. The eligibility of the other unit member, if exists, is not affected by the client's voluntary quit.

  3. Impose a sanction for an RCA recipient who is not exempt from employment and training requirements, if notified by the Refugee Social Service Specialist that the client is not complying with those requirements without good reason,

    1. The sanction period is:

      1. Three months for the first violation; or

      2. Until the end of the client’s RCA eight months time limit for the second violation.

    2. See LETTERS for reason codes and protocol requirements.

    3. Continue RMA while the client is in sanction and would otherwise be eligible for RCA.

    4. The eligibility of other assistance unit members, if any, is not affected by the client’s sanction status.

  4. Follow local office policies and procedures on referring clients to the Refugee Social Service Specialist to participate in work and training or for other services. Exempt clients must be allowed to participate in work and training activities if they choose to do so.

Refugee Social Service Specialist

  1. Completing the DSHS 14-191(X), Personal Employment Plan, for the refugee; and

  2. Referring the refugee to:

    1. A contracted employment provider; or

    2. Other training or services specified in the PEP.

  3. Determining whether good reason exists for refusal or non-compliance with employment and training requirements;

  4. Initiating a conciliation period to ensure that the refugee understands the consequences of noncompliance; and

  5. Notifying Financial Services when good reason does not exist.