Cash Assistance

Revised April 1, 2024


This section contains information about cash assistance need and payment standards, and eligibility standards based on income.

WAC 388-478-0005 Cash assistance need and payment standards and grant maximum.

WAC 388-478-0006 The clothing, personal maintenance, and necessary incidentals (CPI) payment standard for cash assistance.

WAC 388-478-0035 What are the maximum earned income limits for TANF, SFA, PWA and RCA?

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-478-0005

DSHS is required by state law [RCW 74.04.770] to establish, on an annual basis, standards of need for cash assistance programs.  These standards are based on studies of actual living costs for basic requirements.  They may vary by program and family size.

Payment standards are based on assistance unit size and are used to determine eligibility and benefit levels for cash assistance.

The percentage difference between the need and payment standard for an assistance unit is called the ratable reduction.  

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-478-0006

Defines the types of medical facilities or institutions where the CPI payment standard is used for TANF, SFA, PWA, ABD cash, and RCA while a person is a resident. For TANF/SFA, refer to WAC 388-454-0015 to determine if temporary absence rules apply and if CPI is appropriate.

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-478-0035

To determine a family's gross earned income, see WAC 388-450-0165.